The vitamin C serum that restores radiance to your skin

The vitamin C serum that restores radiance to your skin, Isdin Flavo-C Forte by Isdin is the vitamin C serum that your skin is crying out for.

The vitamin C serum that restores radiance to your skin

At this point in your path in the world of beauty, you already know that a good vitamin C serum is an essential element in your toiletry bag. The properties of this ingredient are numerous, and it is the first to which we must turn when our skin is dull and tired. That dose of light that he gives us is the best ally against sleepless nights or days full of commitments. And it is that this powerful asset knows well how to keep our skin young and full of beauty. Therefore, if you have not yet introduced it into your routine, we ask ourselves what you are waiting for.

A good way to do this is with Isdin Flavo-C Forte Serum. The reason? Containing 15% pure vitamin C, to restore radiance, reduce fine lines, increase collagen production and firmness, and erase signs of skin fatigue. But that's not all, because by combining it with other components such as vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, or the pollution-defense system, Isdin has managed to strengthen its antioxidant action, generate greater hydration and protect us against contamination. And all this with an ultra-soft gel texture that absorbs instantly and is extremely comfortable to use.

Although if we like something, it is the efficiency of its packaging. In the upper zone is the vitamin C powder, isolated from the rest of the mixture. This way it preserves all its properties until the moment of use, so the results are even more powerful. Once we mix it with the rest of the product and it is activated, we have up to 10 days to take advantage of all the content. Is it or isn't it a great idea? For us, it has become a real staple.


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