Snack video showered with prizes, how to get these prizes Snack video showered with prizes, how to get these prizes

The Snack Video App, which is attracting everyone's attention and earning money, has once again updated the app and showered various rewards on its users. Now, with the help of the Snack app, you can get a lot of rewards which I have a Suzuki Alto car, then there are about twelve prizes for the iPhone. In addition, if we talk about cash prizes, there are one hundred prizes ranging from fifteen hundred rupees to sixty thousand rupees.

The best opportunity for everyone if we talk deeply about the update of this app, then these events are starting from June 9 and this event will end on June 15.

How do you participate or participate in this event? And how can you get these prizes? You will find the complete guide on reading the whole. Make sure if you understand the work of this app. Of course, you deserve these rewards.

Snack video showered with prizes, how to get these prizes Snack video showered with prizes, how to get these prizes

Now let's talk about what you have to do. Friends, first you have to go to the mobile Playstore or here you will find a snack video app that you have to install on your mobile while reading my article. I have pre-installed so ask for the update that you have to do.

After opening this app, you will get a coin shaped logo like coin or money. You have to click on it. After that you will get an option. Input invitation code you have entered there. Go there. You have to enter this code there


You have to enter this code there. After dialing this code, you are given an option at the bottom. Bind Now Bind now, then you have to click here. After doing this, your application will be bound. You will get a code below. This way you will get your own code in your election.

Using this code, when you have multiple mobiles in your friends, in your family, in your home, your cousins, etc., all you have to do is install them in their mobiles using your code. Then you have to put your code in the invitation code in their mobile and do a bound boat.

In the same way, you have to hold your mobile phone and do code-binding. The more you bind the code, the more chances you have of rewards.

Now, after doing all this, how will you get the rewards. So the one who binds or invites the most zealous code will get it. The first one will get Suzuki Alto from Snack Video.

Snack Video is the only app that has paid a lot of money, yet the rain of rewards is increasing. And this is not a fraudulent application. The next prize is the iPhone, the first second third came with the Alto car. Phones will be received. After that the top tons will get cash from thirty thousand to sixty thousand.

So quickly download the Snack Video app and get these rewards.

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