If You Are Afraid Of Losing, Get Rid Of Your Inner Fear

A bird perched on a tree is never afraid of a branch breaking because its reliance is not on the strength of the branch but on the strength of its wings. It will go away but your self-confidence will never let you down.

It is not in your hands what kind of difficulties will come your way but it is in your hands how to get out of these difficulties.

The wings have been shown solely to give a sense of proportion

If You Are Afraid Of Losing, Get Rid Of Your Inner Fear

What does the sky look like when it sits on the ground?

I know that I am not a star in the sky. Sugar is difficult, it is difficult, but I am not helpless. Let me laugh when I see it falling. It is difficult, I am not defeated on the floor. Problems always come in the way of capable people. They often get away with useless people.

What will the lowly ones do to you?

Come here life we ​​will spend you ...

  1. The one who is smiling must have been raised by Dad
  2. There will be blisters on the feet of those who are walking.
  3. Man cannot shine without stumbling 
  4. What burns will burn in the same fire

When the bird decides to fly, the wind has to give way. So do what you can and do as long as you can, and when you get tired, when you can't, try again. Do it. Never give up in life. Because even the last key of a bunch can open the lock.

Always remember that it is not important to fall, it is important to fall and get up, it does not matter how many times you fall. The important thing is how long you take to get up.

Who will defeat the one who dares to rise even after falling a hundred times? And who will defeat the one who never gives up. If you do what is easy then your life will be difficult but if you do what is easy If it is difficult, your life will become easier.

Hope never leaves you, only you give up hope. Fruits do not fall from desire. In the swing of time, the branch of time has to be shaken, my friend. Nothing will happen.

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