10 Ways To Be Popular

Getting popular is not an easy task. On have to strive and struggle to achieve big. Here are some tips 

10 Ways To Be Popular

Don't go Backbite 

When you are hurting another person in front of someone, you are actually telling the person in front that you are hurting him in front of others in the same way.

Learn to give to people

Learn to give as much as you can to people and try not to ask them for anything, but only ask your Lord who is the real giver and whose treasures are not in short supply.

Learn to smile all the time

There is nothing that brings people closer to you than a smile. Therefore, keep a smile on your face as much as possible. Even if you say harsh words to someone, if you speak with a smiling face, the effect will be positive.

Pay attention during the conversation

When talking to someone, keep your attention on them and don't let them feel that they don't matter to you. If you have a mobile phone or newspaper in your hand, put it aside and talk while keeping eye contact. ۔

Repeatedly looking at the screen of a mobile phone during a conversation or playing with it in your hand is very expensive for the person in front of you and it is felt that perhaps it is less important than this mobile phone.

Take care of cleanliness

Your clean and washed clothes, your trimmed nails and hair, your shiny and clean teeth, your polished shoes, add four moons to your personality, so take care of these things. It should be free from stench. Cleaning people's noses, crushing earwax, disturbing memories is not a good habit, so it is important to avoid these activities in the party.

Speak in a low voice

When speaking, one should speak in a low voice instead of a high voice, but not so low that one can hear, not even high enough to pierce people's ears. When talking on the phone, try to have softness and sweetness in the voice. So while talking in front of you, the person can check your body language and mood, but only the tone and voice on the phone is what is describing your personality.

Encouraging people

Learn to encourage people to do good deeds and congratulate them on their achievements. Praise their good deeds in front of everyone and focus on their shortcomings in solitude.

Always think better of others

Always try to give the best to others and keep the less for yourself. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) came home with two toothbrushes. If you have to travel by bus or plane, don't jump up and sit on the window sill, but give it to a friend. If you have food, put the best things in front of your friends. Take it yourself and be prepared for the fact that there may be nothing left for you.

Take care of yourself more than yourself

If you have bought clothes for your brother, father or son with your own clothes, first put all the clothes in front of them so that they take their favorite color, then you take it yourself. Or if you have bought clothes for your daughter, put them in front of the mother first so that she can choose her favorite color.

Arrange gifts

Don't underestimate the importance of giving small gifts to people close to you, no matter how cheap the gift may be. Makes it soft.

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