Why Divorce Occurs and How to Prevent It

We often hear or see that the trend of divorce is spreading like an epidemic in the society. Due to which divorced women are facing difficulties in remarriage and even living far away.

In fact, this is what happens today, the way societies are developing, the way facilities are increasing. Like the internet, the chain of divorce has also accelerated. On the one hand, the stories of dramas are also moving well in the minds of married women by instilling the spirit of love in them.

Most of the boys and girls would reject their parents and marry each other in the name of love, but after a while they understand that real life is not like dramas but different from them. Instead of enduring, they fight and leave each other, and in this way the man adopts someone else or does something. The poor woman or girl stays in the infamous house with the stain of his name and finally he is forced to marry someone. They learn to marry an elder. Even if they get married to an equal man or boy, they have to live and die every day after listening to their taunts for the rest of their lives.

Why Divorce Occurs and How to Prevent It

How can this be prevented?

It all starts with women. It is the fault of the parents not to pay any attention to the woman knowing that she is stupid, but if the woman knows that her honor is everything and she thinks and understands. If a decision is made, it is possible to reduce the divorce rate. Because boys can't do anything even if they want to, if girls stay in their place, they should respect their dignity.

And those who are older in the house also have the duty to marry the good and decent boy to whom she is entrusting her honor, while in our society, her job, property and house are seen more than the boy. I send seeds to the house of a rich man, but due to a small mistake, either the girl returns home or her life is going on sobbing.

Talking foam till midnight is not love, but if you can keep someone's honor happy for a minute, it is a great thing. Better a poor horse than no horse at all. Better a poor horse than no horse at all.

Women are requested to watch dramas and follow them. It is better to make their life hell than to become an ornament of a house according to the will of their parents. He is responsible for the ruin and no one else. The parents who raised him like a princess all his life can never make a wrong decision about you. The place of love is very big if it ends in marriage. So, in this day and age, in today's society, obscenity and body games are being played in the name of love. It is a sin to take the name of love in a relationship in the name of such love.

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