Two things determine whether a woman is faithful or unfaithful

People always take revenge on the right person by cheating on the wrong person. Always give place in your life to people whose hearts are clearer than their faces. Some relationships end abruptly even though they are deep.

Allah Almighty also loves the heart in which there is feeling and pain for His creatures, every pain teaches a lesson and every lesson changes a human being. * Relationships of feeling do not need to be knocked. Is.

Two things determine whether a woman is faithful or unfaithful
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Whatever you say is important, it seems to stay away from us. Does this love also have two sides? Wherever you look, you have seen the same person crying, sobbing, begging, and tormenting. And then only those who love one-sidedly have a bigger capacity, they do not make demands like ordinary people.

I remember laughing that it was of great value to some worthless people. More deadly than separation, there is a lack of love in love. Love is the name of the greatest cruelty done to oneself.

There is nothing else in those who love, but one thing is for sure, they are not rude, they do not show any kind of innovation. They do not threaten to leave small things together.

You cannot know the pain of a person who has stretched out his hand before the Lord and prayed with all his heart and mind for the betterment of someone. Do it

A sincere person is always considered a fool even though it does not happen. He understands and knows everything, but because of his patience, he ignores the vile deeds of the people.

Leave what is bothering you. It is better to remember than to become a burden. There is no relationship more beautiful than marriage because it involves the will of Allah more than cows.

Whether a woman is faithful or unfaithful, good or bad is determined by these two things. One is that she protects her honor in the absence of her husband, and the other is that she does not allow a non-man to wander with her.

Two things determine whether a woman is faithful or unfaithful

There are no options in love, if you have to choose, you have to put in the first place what is wanted, then only it is seen, love remains in the first degree, the second third is not called love, it is called options.

There is always peace in life for those who are more grateful for the blessings that God has bestowed on them than for unfulfilled desires.

It hurts a lot when you are not wrong and you are considered wrong and you can't say anything in return. If not today, then tomorrow you will realize that the one who appreciates only meets destiny.

Those who perceive you will feel your silence, but those who are silent to make you feel will perish in front of you. You can understand yourself. Going too far and turning back is very painful. It is better to turn back at the first agony.

If you are not able to reach your destination despite your best efforts, then you must look back and see if someone has crushed you. If someone respects you, it does not mean that you are worthy of respect. He is so high that he wants to honor you

It is necessary to be very careful in meeting people whose words do not suit their character. Sometimes a person wants to share his burden but with the right servant and at the right time.

Love is very pure emotion. It should always be happy for pure people. Dirty and mean people do not deserve it. Learn to be carefree in some places of life.

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