Top 60 Sites For Your Career's Boost Up

All human beings of this world are sent with some purpose or goals, now it's up to we humans that how we choose or set our goals which will contribute towards a positive change in society.No one is sent with a defined goal in this world, our behavior, our skills, our education, and our society makes us or directs us to do something which will be fruitful for both the individual and the society where we live. Everyone contributes his/her share of efforts to bring a prosperous life and no one dies doing nothing because it is necessary and mandatory for us to do something to earn something for our livelihood, and we see in our society that different categories of people working different sort of tasks as a part of their contribution, for example, some are workers/labors who put their energy in infrastructure likewise some are engineers, some are doctors, some are social workers, etc. In short, we all need to work or choose a career to earn our living/livelihood.

Top 60 Sites For Your Career's Boost Up

So the word "career" means the way of earning and living, and it is a fact in this world that a successful career means a better lifestyle, which means choosing a career means choosing a lifestyle, that's why it is really needed to take all necessary and important steps while selecting a career. As
Better Career Means Success

Top 10 Sites for your career 

1. Linkedin

2. Indeed

3. Naukri

4. Instahyre

5. Monster

6. Careercloud

7. Dice

8. CareerBuilder

9. Jibberjobber

10. Glassdoor

10 Tech Skills in demand

1. Machine Learning

2. Mobile Development

3. SEO/SEM Marketing

4. Data Visualization

5. Data Engineering

6. UI/UX Design

7. Cyber-security

8. Cloud Computing/AWS

9. Blockchain

10. IOT

10 Sites for Free Online Education

1. Coursera

2. edX

3. Khan Academy

4. Udemy

5. FreeCodeCamp

6. MIT OpenCourseWare

7. Stanford Online

8. Codecademy

9. ict iitr


10 Sites to learn Excel for free

1. Microsoft Excel Help Center

2. Excel Exposure

3. Chandoo

4. Excel Central

5. Contextures

6. Excel Hero b.

7. Mr. Excel

8. Improve Your Excel

9. Excel Easy

10. Excel Jet

10 Sites to review your resume for free

1. Zety Resume Builder

2. Resumonk

3. Resume dot com

4. VisualCV

5. Cvmaker

6. ResumUP

7. Resume Genius

8. Resumebuilder

9. Resume Baking

10. Enhancy

10 Sites for Interview Preparation

1. Ambitionbox

2. AceThelnterview

3. Geeksforgeeks

4. Leetcode

5. Gainlo

6. Careercup

7. Codercareer

8. InterviewUp

9. InterviewBest

10. Indiabix

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