The Golden Bread Story in English - Stories for Teenagers - English Fairy Tales

The golden bread story: once upon a time in a

the tiny village there lived a woman named

Marion with her only daughter

Narcisa Marion was extremely humble and

sweet Narcisa however was completely the

opposite you see she was beautiful

beyond words, she was like a living doll

and the most amusing part is she loved

herself to no ends

The Golden Bread Story in English - Stories for Teenagers - English Fairy Tales

Narcisa would you help me bake the bread

huh no way mom the flour maids all my

bright and sparkly eyes Narcisa would

you help me plant these seeds what why

would I do that what have I got all that

dirt on my lovely fingers worse what if

it went onto my face well that was the

problem with Narcisa she thought herself

too great to do any work many suitors

came to ask for narcissus hand in

marriage since her beauty was known far

and wide but she rejected them all very

rudely why did you send those men away

yesterday they seemed nice you can't be

serious mom one of them had such small

eyes almost like a bird's and the other

had a huge nose I wouldn't want to be

near him when he sneezed

oh oh and the last stop no I don't want

to hear any more all I could see was

that those men were really nice my dear

you must know that beauty isn't


mother, you have to realize I deserve

someone like a prince or a knight oh

dear one night when she was sleeping her

mother sat at her side watching her My

dear child you are so beautiful and

lovely but you do not care about

anything other than your beauty

at that moment narcissus started to

laugh in her sleep

her mother was extremely surprised how

nice she must be having a really funny

dream the next morning when narcissus l

woke up she was all smiles and giggles

here sweetheart tell me what did you

dream about last night well mom it was

such an amazing dream you know there was

this prince who came up to me and said

that he wanted to marry me he had come

in a golden carriage and he was dressed

from top to bottom and gold as well what

a silly dream and you know the best part

of it was when I was in my wedding dress

which was of gold too of course

everyone was staring at only me Narcisa

there is nothing amazing about that

dream it was a very egotistical dream

mom you don't know what you're saying

that dream has made me realize that I

need food much grander than the type I

eat here at home bread made of gold just

think of that poor narcissus mother was

so worried about her daughter and how

she would live her life

that day two friends came to visit

narcissus mother.

They were Mellie and Terry the three of

them had been friends for ages but Terry

and Ellie had a secret both of them were

magical beings something that narcisse's

mother knew nothing about Terry Mellie

oh it's so good to see you it's been

very long hasn't it

how have you been I have been very good

I would have been better if only if only

what if only my daughter Narcisa was a

little more understanding

Marian told Mellie and Terry all about

Narcisa and how she was worried for her

she wants to eat bread made of gold what

do I do with her well maybe if her dream

comes true that would be wonderful

wouldn't it well no matter I guess in

the time she will grow to learn let's talk

about something else now

later on, Mellie and Terry waved goodbye

to their old friend and went away

smiling to each other secretively that

night both mother and daughter got ready

for bed mother, I really hope my dream

comes true you know Oh

Narcisa the next day as Narcisa and her

mother were outside in their garden a

beautiful golden carriage came riding up

to them

it was studded in gems and diamonds and

looked extremely stunning as it stopped

a handsome man came out of it and looked

at Narcisa

she was completely taken aback at how

handsome he was

my dream is actually coming true

umm.what hello I have come here to ask

for narcissus hand in marriage but how

do you know her name and who are you I

am Terrence the angel of good fortunes

your daughter's name and beauty is known

throughout the world here I've brought

you a gift

what but you hardly know him you can't

go with him Oh silly he's rich and

handsome what more could I want Terrence

I accept your proposal and with that she

got into his carriage and without even

saying goodbye to her mother rode off

with the angel as they were travelling

the carriage suddenly entered a magical

portal there it traveled through a

stormy area the carriage bumped around

tremendously and Narcissa was very

scared don't worry my dear

all of this will soon be over just as he

said this the carriage went through

another portal and reached the driveway

of a huge and magnificent golden castle

Narcisa was amazed at all the beauty she

saw I knew I deserve so many riches I

knew you'd like it anything you want

you will find here from the prettiest of

dresses to the tastiest of foods all of

it in my palace

well speaking of food I'm really hungry

after that ride I'm starving

can I have any of that tasty food of

course here meat smelly

Melissa she will get you whatever you


I've heard so much about you you poor

dear you're hungry aren't you

come let's go to the dining table and

I'll get you some food oh thank you

they went into the dining room and there

on the table was the most astounding

food Narcisa had ever seen amazing

that's because it is the jams are made

of rubies the salads of emeralds and the

bread over there is made of gold golden

bread how lovely

this Jam will look and taste lovely with

the bread she took a slice with the Ruby

jam on it and took a huge bite this is

so hot I can't eat this well it is bread

made of gold and the finest too but if

you can't eat it should I get you silver

bread silver huh why don't you eat

something else but I want normal bread

bread which I can eat don't you have

that look so wife-to-be of my sire shell

it's cold you must only eat the best

Narcis l looked at all the food but was

heartbroken for everything there was

inedible she soon started to cry I don't

want this but the food is really good

here try some golden potatoes they're

really good and after you're married to

me you'll have to eat all of this I

thought you liked fancy things no I

don't want to marry you I want to go

home to my mother let me go home

Melissa and Terrence looked at each

other and winked well if that's really

what you want then I'll take you home

Terrence took the crying and unhappy

Narcis at home in the carriage she

started to think deeply about the

choices she had made when she reached

home she ran to hug her mother who was

sitting in the house sad nor sister

o my sweet daughter I thought I'd never

see you again

Oh mom I love you so much and you were

right looks and riches aren't everything

the gold bread was useless as I couldn't

eat it and the man even though he was

handsome he didn't care for me at all

but my dear do you realize that that is

exactly the way you treated others I

know I'm so sorry for the way I acted


oh no it's alright since you've seen

what your mistake was come let's feed

you something nice from that day onwards

Narcisa changed her ways she struggled

at first but slowly and patiently she

started to become a lot nicer one day

Mellie and Terry came to meet Marian

again oh hello you two so tell us Marian

how's narcissism now Marian told them

both everything that had happened and

she's changed so much from that time has


I guess she wouldn't want any more gold

bread now huh

you know Terry you actually look a

little like that angel though what am I

seeing how could you be him you two are so nice






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