Poor People's Lockdown English Story - Moral Stories & English Fairy Tales

This is the story of a poor labor man, Billy who had come to town with his whole family to find work and earn money his whole family spent their days working hard and laborious. He was one of those people who had to work daily to earn money, he could not manage to get food until he went out on the streets to work they were getting to eat by facing a lot of struggle every day after the hard laborious work of the day. He slept on the tenth house-made at his footpath. 

Poor People-s Lockdown English Story - Moral Stories & English Fairy Tales

One day when he was going out for his work he saw that the road was deserted,  there were no vehicles on the road and no man could be seen to the farthest distance, after moving a little ahead Billy watches and suddenly he gets hit by a stick, he gets terrified and turns around quickly and he sees that a policeman is beating him with the stick. Sir! oh sir! please wait why are you hitting me, sir, you're crazy fellow where are you roaming get lost from here don't you know we are under lockdown the whole nation is in curfew, if I see you again you will be beaten badly, but sir what is this lockdown and why is everything closed? Oh, you crazy man which world are you living in there is a big pandemic named corona, spreading everywhere if you go out of your home you may get this disease and die. Run and get lost from here god knows where do such crazy people come from while saying so he again struck Billy on his back with a stick,  poor and terrified Billy ran and reached home then his family asked he told them that some pandemic is spreading due to which the nation is closed and we can't go to the streets.

Then Billy's son said but dad if we do not go out and sell something then how will we get food son but there is no one in the streets to whom we could sell there are no people in the streets even to give arms, if this continues we will die starving, poor Billy begins to worry about what he can do now? 

Two days had passed and his family is suffering badly with hunger, his kids started to cry in hunger Billy, could not bear the grief of his family, but he was so helpless that he could not do anything, he doesn't even have money to buy a ration of two days for home and when he went out he could not even see a single man who could give him any work unable to see his grieving family.

He dares to go out even after being beaten by the police, Billy comes to know that the government is distributing ration for the poor so Billy, goes there but there he finds out that only those who have a ration card are being given ration. How can poor Billy who doesn't even have a home could afford to have the ration card,  disappointed Billy returns from there, then he comes to know that food is being distributed to the poor at some government school. After arriving there somehow he saw a long queue of  people, people are standing in the queue with food boxes and bags in their hand under extreme heat,  Billy also stands behind them, the queue is so long that it takes him five to six hours to get his turn.

It's 3pm in the afternoon he is standing in the queue barefooted in extreme heat in the hope of getting some food, and he can feed his starving children. When his turn comes he gets to know that there was a huge crowd and while his turn came, the food was over, poor Billy's heart sank down, he sadly returns to his family while walking over the road he again gets caught by the policeman and the policeman says oh you crazy man can't you understand from the first warning? why are you roaming on the roads?

sir sir you do one thing it's better, that you kill me, sir. My family is starving for the past two-three days my children are squirming out of hunger. Leave the food for eating we even do not have water to drink sir. This pandemic will kill us or not I don't know sir but this hunger will definitely kill us.

I can't see my family dying so it's better that you kill me, sir. Billy starts crying loudly after saying this the policeman feels pity for him and he gives him his food and some other items and sends him to his family.

Friends poverty is a problem in our country and this corona pandemic has come to our country and due to this lockdown, the poor are not even getting two meals a day. leave food they do not even have a house to live in.

Friends lockdown is not equal for everyone if possible try to help all those people who are under the problem, as much as possible from your side



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