Happy Dussehra wishes, Best wishes to Vijayadashami

Dussehra Wishes: Dussehra, also known as Vijayadashami is a symbol of Lord Rama's victory over King Ravana. On this day, large effigies of Ravana, Kumbhakarna (brother of Ravana), and Meghnad (son of Ravana) are lit in the evening to mark the victorious occasion to signify the victory of good over evil over the country...

In some parts of India, this day is also celebrated as Vijayadashami, the day when Goddess Durga killed Mahishasura.

For Bengalis, the day begins with the worship of the traditional mother Boron. The main attraction is the sindoor khela, for which married women get together to offer goddess Durga and some vermilion to each other.


Processions, fairs, and family gatherings are common during Dussehra. Due to COVID-19 this year, Vijayadashami may not have as much mobilization as before. For the safety of the public, public meetings and processions have been banned. But this should not diminish the brightness of the day. You cannot meet any of your friends, but on this day you can send them a lovely message and wish them luck and prosperity. Here are some Dussehra wishes, messages, and quotes that you can share with your family and friends.

Goddess Durga fulfills your wishes and removes all the bad obstacles in your life. Happy Dussehra!

As Lord Rama, you continue on the path of success and you win in every stage of your life. Happy Dussehra.

Happy Dussehra: Dussehra is the festival of unreal victory over truth. It is also known as Vijayadashami. Lord Rama defeated Lankapati Ravana on this day and proved that evil, however big it may be, cannot last long in front of good. In this great war, the deception, treachery, and the elusive conspiracy hatched by demoniacal powers, proved futile in front of Lord Rama.

This festival is celebrated by burning effigy of Ravana as a symbol of evil. This festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm and gaiety all over the country. By the way, due to the coronavirus epidemic, more people are not allowed to gather together, due to which this enthusiasm will not be seen during this festival. Ram is not only adorable, but he is also a cultured man. On this major festival, you also send Dussehra wishes to your friends and relatives through these images, SMS, Messages, Greetings, WhatsApp, and Facebook status.

Best wishes to Vijayadashami

Truth always wins and good triumphs over evil. May God bless you with knowledge and good health always.

With this effigy of Ravana on this Vijayadashami, all the problems and obstacles in your path of success should be overcome. God bless you with good health and wealth! Happy Dussehra.

Burn all your worries, along with the effigy of Ravana. Be happy and make others happy. Happy Dussehra.

As in this auspicious day we celebrate valor and courage, wish good victory over evil, I wish you success and happiness in everything you do! Happy Dussehra


May you always be happy and enjoy a healthy life. Happy Dussehra to you and your family!

Just surround the positive and happy thoughts around you and burn all negativity with the effigy of Ravana. Happy Dussehra !!

May your life give a new twist to this Dussehra. And burn all your worries and sorrows with the effigy of Ravana!

Happy Dussehra to you and your family. May Lord Rama grant you strength and courage to walk on the path of virtue and righteousness.

Best wishes to Vijayadashami! Goddess Durga fulfills all your wishes and blesses you with good health, success, and happiness.

 Happy Dussehra is the time to celebrate the victory of good over evil .

Let your troubles erupt like fireworks and your happiness, increase tenfold! Happy Dussehra !

May this Dussehra bring you lots of happiness, prosperity and success. You get rid of your worries!

May Lord Ram show you the right path and always help you achieve your goal! Happy Dussehra !

This festival of Dussehra brought lots of happiness in your life! Be positive and believe in yourself. Happy Dussehra to you and your family !

Begin a new chapter in your life by conquering eternal enemies and negative energy from this day of Dussehra. You Dussehra Wishes !

Good health, wealth, success and prosperity, Goddess Durga bless you with all these things on this holy day of Vijayadashami! Stay healthy and be happy! Happy Dussehra !

Let us create a new life by conquering our five eternal evils - work, greed, anger, attachment, ego. Happy Dussehra !

This Dussehra, you and your family come with positivity, wealth and success.

Dussehra teaches us that good always triumphs over evil. So we should always try to be good to others. Happy Dussehra !

Learn to praise, not envy. Happy Dussehra !

May Lord Rama bless you with success on this auspicious day of Dussehra . May you fulfill all your dreams. Wish you a very Happy Dussehra !

Goddess Durga fulfill all your wishes and bless you with good health, success and happiness. Best wishes to Vijayadashami !

Like the colors and lights of the festival, your life filled with all the happiness and prosperity in the world. Happy Dussehra !

On the auspicious occasion of Vijayadashami, my heartiest greetings to you and your family here. Happy Dussehra to everyone at home

May Shri Rama bestow you his infinite grace on the meaningful day of Vijayadashami. May truth and good prevail. Happy Dussehra .

Goddess Durga bless you all on the auspicious festival of Dussehra. You succeed in removing evil from your life. Happy Vijaya Dashami .

Happy Dussehra wishes

To the inner Ravana who will set himself on fire,

They will celebrate Dussehra in the true sense.

Auspicious dussehra



Now Dussehra my brother, just do so much work

Who is sitting in your mind, destroy that Ravana of yours.

Happy dussehra


Come on, wake up Jyot with Jyot, flow the Ganges of love,

Those who are on their way, dejected, keep hugging everyone,

The day will be golden for everyone, Happy Dussehra from everyone.


Not just combustion mannequins,

Bad thoughts also have to be done.

Remembering Shri Ram,

You have to fight with every Ravana.

Happy Dussehra


This lovely festival of Dussehra,

Happiness brought to life immense,

Shree Rama  ji showers happiness in your home,

Wish us all the best.

Auspicious Dussehra 2020


Before Dussehra evening,

My SMS should be as common as others,

When all the mobile networks are jammed,

It becomes common to wish Dussehra,

Happy Dussehra to all of you.


-------------------------------------------------- -


Be a fair of happiness in your life,

Never had any trouble

May your shelter live forever,

Happy Dussehra.


Happy Dussehra 2020


Flowers bloom, happiness kisses your steps,

Never, face sufferings,

Money is money, your part is shared,

This is the wish of Dussehra,



Victory of good over evil,

The victory of truth over lies.

Do not matter on the merits,

This is the lesson of this day.

Auspicious dussehra



Happy Dussehra Wishes

Destruction of evil takes place,

Dussehra brings hope, hope

like Ravan perishes for your sorrows,

this is our best wishes for Vijayadashami


May the victory of truth over untruth, victory

of religion over unrighteousness, victory

of justice over injustice,

Hail to good over evil!

Wish you hearty Dussehra.


Destruction of evil takes place,

Dussehra brings hope, hope

like Ravan perishes for your sorrows,

this is our best wishes for Vijayadashami


May Ravan's apocalypse

reside in every heart of Shri Rama.

Happy dussehra

Burning Ravan outside will not help,

burn Ravana sitting inside the heart,

best wishes of Dussehra


Abandoned all wishes, to do

something different,

Rama lost a lot, heartfelt wishes of Dussehra to

become Shri Rama


In Hinduism, the festival of Dussehra is considered as one of the three most auspicious dates of the year. People start new auspicious work from this day itself. The word Dussehra has its origin from the words 'ten' and 'ahan'. It is also considered as the Krishi Utsav festival. The significance of this festival is also because this festival takes place only after Navratri and according to Hindu belief, at this time the goddess killed Mahishasura. In some places, this festival is known as Vijayadashami (vijaya Dashami). People celebrate this day as a victory of good over evil and send Dussehra wishes to family, friends, and loved ones. People start their preparations for the Diwali festival from Dussehra.

This post explains why Dussehra is celebrated, along with the wishes of Vijayadashami, dussehra shayari (dussehra shayari), auspicious dussehra, happy dussehra, dussehra message, dussehra message (sandesh lekhan on dussehra), it has also been given Read and share with your loved ones on Facebook and WhatsApp on the auspicious occasion of Dussehra.

Happy Vijayadashami - Dussehra ki Shubhkamnaye

From the first day of Sharadiya Navaratri, Ramlila is organized in many places for ten days and on the tenth day a huge effigy of Ravana is made and lit. Be it celebrated as the victory of Lord Rama or as worship of Shakti, it is a festival of Shakti Puja, Shastra Puja, Harsh, Glee and Victory in both the forms. Along with this, people wish each other Dussehra wishes. Here are some of the best wishes of Happy Dussehra Happy Dussehra, by sending them you can wish people happy Vijayadashami -

Keep on plowing with plowing, keep flowing

the Ganges of love,

those who come in the path, who are oppressed, give

everyone a hug, the

day will be golden for everyone,

so Happy Dussehra on my behalf.


From this country of peace and tranquility,

now evil will have to be

eradicated, to burn the terrorist Ravana,

Rama will have to come again today.

Happy Dussehra.


Best wishes to Vijayadashami

, all evils should be destroyed.


Destruction of evil happens,

Dussehra brings hope, hope

like Ravan perishes for your sorrows,

best wishes for Vijayadashami.


May you have a fair of happiness in your life,

no mess will ever come,

may you live happily ever after, Happy Dussehra.


Victory of religion over wrongdoing.

Victory of truth over untruth.

The victory of good over evil. Heartfelt greetings of the holy festival Dussehra symbolizing the victory of

virtue over sin, the triumph of virtue over


mercy over anger, victory of forgiveness, victory

of knowledge over ignorance,

Victory of religion over unrighteousness



Eat a lot, feed a lot,

celebrate the festival of Dussehra with enthusiasm.

Happy Dussehra.


The festival of happiness, the shower of love, the

outpouring of sweets, the

happiness you get a thousand times on the auspicious day of this Dussehra.

Best wishes to Vijayadashami.


Flowers blossom, happiness kisses your feet,

never face sorrows,

money comes your part,

this is our wish on the occasion of Dussehra.

Happy Dussehra


The fierce form of Maa Kali,

the lion-ride of Durga,

the end of Ravana, the slaughter of Mahishasura,

this is the story of Dussehra,

Happy Dussehra.


Could not bear the insult of his sister,

who had knowledge of the four Vedas,

brother Kumbhakaran and son Meghnath,

think why he is not respected yet.

Happy Dussehra


Evil is destroyed,

misery leads to destruction,

Dussehra brings hope,

Happy Dussehra.


Fragrance of sandalwood, silk necklace,

always happy you and your family,

Happy Dussehra festival.

 Happy Dussehra Wishes In Hindi

जोत से जोत जगाते चलो,

प्रेम की गंगा बहाते चलो,

राह में जो आए जो दीन-दुखी,

सबको गले से लगाते चलो,

दिन आएगा सबका सुनहरा,

इसलिए मेरी ओर से Happy Dussehra।

शांति-अमन के इस देश से,

अब बुराई को मिटाना होगा,

आतंकी रावण का दहन करने,

आज फिर राम को आना होगा।

शुभ दशहरा।

विजयदशमी की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं,

बुराइयों का नाश हो, सब का विकास हो।

बुराई का होता है विनाश,

दशहरा लाता है उम्मीद की आस,

रावण की तरह आपके दुखों का हो नाश,

विजयदशमी की शुभकामनाएं।

हो आपकी जिंदगी में खुशियों का मेला,

कभी न आए कोई झमेला,

सदा सुखी रहे आपका बसेरा,

मुबारक हो आपको दशहरा।

अधर्म पर धर्म की विजय।

असत्य पर सत्य की विजय।

बुराई पर अच्छाई की विजय।

पाप पर पुण्य की विजय,

अत्याचार पर सदाचार की विजय,

क्रोध पर दया, क्षमा की विजय,

अज्ञान पर ज्ञान की विजय,

अधर्म पर धर्म की विजय के प्रतीक पावन

पर्व दशहरे की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं।

खूब खाओ, खूब खिलाओ,

दशहरे का त्योहार जोश से मनाओ।

शुभ दशहरा।

खुशियों का त्योहार, प्यार की बौछार,

मिठाईयों की बहार, इस दशहरे के शुभ दिन

आपको मिले खुशियां हज़ार बार।

विजयदशमी की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं।

फूल खिले, खुशी आपके कदम चूमे,

कभी न हो दुखों का सामना,

धन ही धन आए आपके अंगना,

यही है दशहरे के अवसर पर हमारी मनोकामना।

Happy Dussehra

मां काली का प्रचंड रूप,

दुर्गा की शेर-सवारी,

रावण का अंत महिषासुर का वध,

यही है दशहरा की कहानी,

हैप्पी दशहरा।

न सह सका जो अपनी बहन का अपमान,

था जिसको चारों वेदों का ज्ञान,

भाई कुम्भकरण और बेटा मेघनाथ,

सोचो फिर भी क्यों नहीं होता उसका सम्मान।

हैप्पी दशहरा

बुराई का होता है नाश,

दुख से होता है विनाश,

दशहरा लाता है उम्मीद की आस,

Happy Dussehra।

चंदन की खुशबू, रेशम का हार,

सदा खुश रहे आप और आपका परिवार,

मुबारक हो आपको ये दशहरा का त्योहार।


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