Hair Cutting Witch - Horror Stories In English - English Stories - Stories - Stories For Teenagers

In a village incidents of cutting down

woman's heart that started to happen as

the night fell Oh which would dagger

would appear and she would cut and went

away with the hair plat of any woman she

found sleeping no one was able to

understand why was this happening to them

Hair Cutting Witch - Horror Stories In English - English Stories - Stories - Stories For Teenagers

One day oh dear

please keep your hair hidden the

incidents of cutting here plate are

increasing in the whole village I am

afraid if the witch finds out about your

long hair she would come and take away

your hair plate - you don't have to

worry no which is fearless enough to

even touch my hair plat oke as you wish

I just wanted to be here you if

something happens don't come shopping to

me be my left after stating that then as

the night fell the hair plat cutter

which arrived in the village once again

she was looking for her next victim here

and there until she spotted a woman

sleeping from the window of a house she

broken into the house and cut the hair

as soon as she cuts the hair plat the

the woman awoke almighty how did she get in

Oh God where has my hair gone I am dead

just then the witch flew away from there

and the woman tried to chase her but the

witch disappeared in darkness realizing

this the woman's husband - reached there

following his wife what happened Mina

why did you come running all the way

here so late at night

what happened the witch got my hair

blood and I don't know where she had


in darkness Oh God what had happened

are you fine though did she hurt you

let's go we shouldn't stay here in

midnight if the Vichy returned we would

be in big trouble they both got upset

and returned their home the next morning

the word happened with the meanest red/black

and wildfire in the village everyone was

talking about the witch Bhima got

anxious about his wife so he rushed to

his home upon reaching he entered his

wife's room and found out that his wife

was combing her hair

someone did you find out the last night

that witch cut off the hair plate of my

friend Mohan's wife I am so worried for

you. I am afraid that she might come here

hey we don't need to be frightened

you don't worry nothing will

happen to be someone your hair is

getting longer day by day they didn't

use to grow at such pace before why are

they getting longer so quickly now well

I'm being caring too much then maybe

that's why all right take care I'm going

to see Mohan then Bhima reached Mohan's

house brother Mohan how are you I heard

about sister-in-law it's indeed

saddening whoa - I tell / since Venus

here plate is cut Meena just not stopped

crying but what about Suman is she fine

you really need to look out for her she

might be witches next victims you are

right even I am worried all the time I

guess I should go now you take care of

yourself and Meena after seeing that

Bhima returned his home than at night

Rima was sleeping all of a sudden

he heard loud he woke up and looked

around Suman wasn't there in the room he

got scared someone where are you

someone where are you Oh God

whose voice is this I guess the witch

has attacked any woman once again I must

go outside and find out he ran outside

and saw a few villagers standing he

rushed to them what happened what were

these screams about are everything fine

no, it is not love that cut this in no

sense hair plate and then disappeared in

darkness Oh God

so month where are you I should go back

home then he started running towards his

home upon reaching he was surprised to

find out that someone was in her room

decorating her hair someone where did

you go

do you know the witch preyed on

someone's here yet again don't you fear

her at all

Suman ignored Bhima and continued to

decorate her hair happily the length of

her hair was now even longer

what is this woman you're here do even

longer in just one day

how is this possible Bhima became scared

looking at someone's hair and he had no

idea what was going on then the next day

the news about Simon's long hair

spreads in the whole village everyone

was talking about her head brother

every time the witch cuts

someone's hair plate the length of

Lamar's wife here increased I think my

wife is the real hair hunting wig

Bhima was listening to the villagers

the conversation he had no idea what to do

so he sought help from his friend mourne

mourne I think someone is the witch who

has been cutting the hair plate in the

village why are you saying that brother

every time the witch cut someone's hair

plate someone's here grew longer and

when the witch attacked last night

someone was not in bed then she came

back out of nowhere

if dirty stories don't we need to do

something hmm

no one thing returned to me a slipped

right and as soon as Suman leaves follow

this way the truth will be revealed hmm

brother Mohan you two come with me to my

the house you hide there secretly then we

will catch her red-handed okay let's go

then both of them returned to Bhima's


Mohan hid behind the almirah at

night Bhima pretended to be asleep soon

Suman woke up and left the house Bhima

look someone has gone outside the house

they both started following her after

some time Suman turned into the witch

and started looking for her brain


you don't come out to be true

your wife turned out to be the witch

what should we do now she must have gone

in search of her prey if we didn't stop

her she would again cut someone's hair


but brother Bhima voices sister-in-law

cutting everyone's hair plait I don't

know ask her yourself when you meet her

let's follow her

started to follow her after following

her for a while though which stopped and

then she looked around for her next

Justin the witch found a house and went

in she saw a woman bear brother Bheema

sister-in-law has entered the house what

should we do

Oh fool what do you mean sister-in-law

she's not your sister-in-law, at this

moment she is of it right now we should

keep following her tonight just then

Bhima and Morgan reached their stop

right no sister-in-law I won't let you

do that

hey witch stop right now or we will kill

you someone someone

this is not right you need to stop this

right away

you fool human I am NOT your someone I

am which I just need a bit more hair

then I will become the most powerful and

then I will sneak behind her to cut her

hair plate as planned Bhima kept the

witch busy with his words

Mohan stealthily got behind her and I am

dead what did you do you ruined

everything I did

now as the hair plat cut all the powers

of the which vanished and Suman got out

of the witch's position

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