Tips And Exercises For A Flat Stomach

The belly is the part that is the most problematic for many of us. However, it is important to know that abdominal exercises not only fulfill an aesthetic function but are also important for health reasons. By strengthening the abdomen, we also strengthen the muscles of the back. For visible results, the most important is regularity, variety of exercise, but also a healthier way of eating. Before we start training, it is also necessary to know that the abdomen is recommended to exercise about 2 times a week. During daily exercise, there may be an over-strengthening and so-called "burning" of the muscles, which distances us from the desired goal.

Tips And Exercises For A Flat Stomach

Tips And Exercises For A Flat Stomach

The first exercise:

Is abdominals with the legs perpendicular. This exercise is one of the most basic exercises for the abdomen. We lie with our backs on the mat. Put your hands behind your head and cut your legs vertically up with your knees slightly bent. Then we will lift the upper part of the body upwards. We make sure to touch the toes of our feet every time we lift our hands.

The second exercise:

Diagonal shorteners. Super exercise that works on the sloping abdomen, so we will work out a narrow belt with it. We lie on our backs and cut out our legs and one arm, which we will use to draw to the opposite leg. We will repeat the exercise on both sides.

Third exercise:

Shorteners with bent legs. These shortcuts are an exercise that must not be missing from our training plan. We lie on our backs, put our hands behind our heads and bend our legs at right angles. Then lift the upper part of the body towards the knees and clap under the knees with our hands.

The fourth exercise:

Is cycling. It is one of the "light" exercises, which we use to perfectly train the lower abdomen. We lie with our backs on the mat and put our hands next to our bodies. Lift the legs so that they are slightly bent at the knees. Subsequently, we cycle in the air by alternating movements in the knees. During this exercise, we will try to breathe calmly and regularly.

The fifth exercise:

Pulling the legs to the head is the perfect point at the end of the workout. We lie with our backs on the mat and place our hands next to our bodies. We will lift the legs slightly above the mat and we will then lift them towards the head.

Repeat each exercise about 15 - 20 times, practice 4 series. When moving up, inhale and exhale when return to the starting position. Rest for 30 seconds between each exercise and the series.


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