Life is a change

The changes that take place in our life (lives) will always bring something new. Whether we want to or not. It doesn't matter if they are unexpected or planned, long in advance, or created by a spontaneous and quick idea. Change brings not only new but often completely unknown things. New from all sides, new feelings, new perceptions, new people. But mainly new ideas. New possibilities are offered, we receive stimuli. All this happens with every change, sometimes from minute to minute, sometimes "things" happen to us for years.

Life is a change

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It often happens that we suppress the new in ourselves, we don't notice it, we don't give it space. Leaving run-in patterns that we are used to, or have been implanted in us since we were little, can be a tough nut to crack. But petrified thinking is a bit of a disaster.

We live a little thoughtlessly at times every day. We adapt to situations, people, and especially the system in which we live. We forget our nature, which we knew intimately as children, and experienced it every day. And that the world is an adventurous place and there is always something to discover in it. There is always something new that is worth exploring, trying, accepting, incorporating into your life.

Adopting a new idea is usually a process. Something is constantly drilling into our heads, which keeps coming back, we circle around it with respect, at first we watch carefully, then we poke close, we gain courage. He won't give it to us, we speculate, we're playing. It happens that we let ourselves be influenced by others. Whether in the direction of acceptance or vice versa, the rejection of something new, not only in our head but also in life.

Life is a change

It also happens that we don't even notice that we only live our lives in certain run-down tracks. That we are already so immersed in our maze that raising our heads and looking is strenuous and painful. Then comes the pinch from life itself, the stimulus, the spark, or even the kick, to realize that LIFE IS A CHANGE. Everything in nature changes, lives, adapts. Stagnation is only a consequence of a problem that needs to be solved. Our, mostly, very comfortable life gives us comfort, but at the same time, we seem to be comfortable overall. We are not pushed by hunger, cold, living conditions in which it is difficult to live. We have comfort that we often realize when we lose it. And comfort is a pleasant thing, but too stagnant. And the more we stagnate, we stand still, the more we don't even want to move, it's hard to change direction, let alone speed.

When the change itself comes, we have to let go of our comfort zone, our usual way of life, we defend ourselves. We come up with excuses, we don't want to cross our shadow, come out of it and give it a new look. Or the same one, but a little further, otherwise.

It's not easy to endure. Especially when the change hurts, he has prickles, makes bruises, and bruises. On the phone. It is difficult to penetrate the mind, build new paths and slowly change our interior. So much so that we find out she was needed. That the standing on the spot didn't do us any good, that we gradually plunged into it as if it were a pleasant and warm, but still mud…

And in practice?

Just start moving, anyway, running, dancing, gym, exercising at home. The first impulse is usually clear, enthusiasm, taste, and feel. Then come obstacles, the first pain, lack of time, "objective" causes. Excuses, we fall back into the mud. We try to twist only from our thoughts and give ourselves the opportunity to escape…

WITHSTAND. You just have to persevere. Grit your teeth, go in the direction we know you need to. Every day, in small steps. Try, look for paths. Even small steps forward still step forward. Withstand. The petrified part of us gradually becomes malleable again, the paths in the mind open and we change ourselves and our lives. We often, we learn, we search, we become open to the new. Because even CHANGE IS LIFE.

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