How to get followers with Facebook Ads

How to get followers with Facebook Ads

Facebook is a very useful platform to attract your audience i.e Facebook followers. If you also invest in advertising, it becomes a powerful tool with which to reach millions of users and in which you can segment by type of audience and interests. Is it essential to do paid advertising campaigns to achieve these goals? Today it will be essential for you.

The reason is that since Facebook updated its algorithm back in 2018 with the famous Edge Rank, it limited the organic reach of fan pages, thus forcing brands to do paid advertising to achieve the desired reach.

Can Facebook Ads Help Your Page Get More Followers? Of course yes!

Let's see how to get followers with Facebook Ads.

How to get followers with Facebook Ads

Any Facebook Ads campaign helps

Facebook offers different types of campaigns on its ad platform so that you can choose according to the objectives you want to achieve. I have to tell you that any type of Facebook Ads campaign helps to increase your community.
And among the best ones to get more followers for your page, there are some specific ones that can get it more directly. For this, it is important that you follow a strategy and that you pay attention to how you configure the ads, as I explain later. And always, whatever your goal, you must consider several important issues. First of all, your ads must give your potential customers credibility and trust.

In addition, you must take advantage of the different types of campaigns to segment your audience and thus create similar audiences. And as a third and no less important tip, offer value in your ads as well. Thus, the audience they reach, even if they do not know you yet, will be attracted and will see what you can contribute. Although the specific objective of that ad is not aimed at getting followers, you can indirectly achieve it.

As you can see, all Facebook Ads campaigns can help you get more followers and thus increase your community.

But we can spin even finer and refine.

Interaction campaign to get followers

When you enter the Facebook Business Manager ads manager, you find the different types of campaigns that you can develop depending on the objective you are looking for, divided into three categories:

  • Recognition
  • Consideration
  • Conversion
Interaction campaigns aimed at getting followers are included in the second, in Consideration, and are focused on more people indicating that they like your page, respond to your events or react to your publications, comment on them or share them.

This campaign category can be of three types:

  • Interaction with the publication
These are campaigns in which you give a push with investment in advertising to a publication that has appeared on your fan page organically.
Or create an ad from the beginning to wake up the interest of the audience to which it is directed and to carry out some type of action:

  • I like the page
It is the most direct option and has a lower cost per fan. In this case, the objective is to generate the highest number of likes on a page at the lowest possible cost.
But you have to be careful with this type of campaign because the fans that come through this campaign are usually low-quality users.

  • Responses to events
In this case, they focus on getting your audience interest in events that you have configured on your page.
Well, let's focus on the first option, the interaction with the publication.

As I have already told you in this type of ad, you can do it in two ways:

  1. Choose a publication already created organically on your Facebook page to which you add an investment through the ad to get more reach.
  2. Create a new ad and configure it from scratch.
To get new people to be attracted to your content and cause them to react to the post and become followers of your page, the best option is to create new ads with that intention.

I remind you of two important aspects: you have to add value and your ad has to attract attention.
How to get followers with Facebook Ads
Photo by Tobias Dziuba from Pexels

Keys to get followers with Facebook Ads

Let's get to the point. Let's focus on the configuration and design of the ads.

You have less than a second to engage your audience and cause them to like your post or page and stop to see what you have to offer.

Therefore, you must take maximum care of each of the elements with which your ad is composed.

Keep in mind that your ad will be published in a certain space within the platform, in the location that you have selected, or that Facebook determines if you have left it in automatic mode.

It will appear sandwiched among hundreds of other posts. Your ad will be one more impact on them.

Therefore, it has to be attractive enough to attract your target audience.

Let's analyze each of the elements of which it is composed one by one.


It is a fundamental element in your ad because it is how you will attract visitors.

You can make video or photo ads.

These are some tips for choosing the image with which to create the ad :

  • Use recommended aspect ratios in different locations.
  • Use high-resolution images. Check the minimum pixel size requirements set by Facebook and use the highest resolution images available to you to avoid blurring or pixelation.
  • Show your product, service, or brand. People browse Facebook and Instagram quickly. Show what you sell, your brand, or your logo to convey your message efficiently.
  • Avoid including too much text in the image. Images with 20% less text are proven to perform better, although there is no limit to how much text the ad image can contain.
  • Focus on the message. Cut out the outline of the important part of the image precisely so as not to lose your audience's attention. To show multiple images in the same ad, I recommend using the sequence format.
  • See the preview of your ads. Use the ad manager preview to see your ads as your audiences will see them on their computers and phones. These previews can be obtained at any point in the ad creation process. And they will help you a lot.


Facebook limits you to 25 characters the space to create the headline of your ad.
So you have to cut to the chase. You have to get it right in a few words with the profit objective of the campaign.


Here you can choose to write a longer text or use only a few key phrases. Either strategy can work well and it all depends on your copy.
But keep in mind that in both cases you must highlight the benefits of your product, how it will transform your client and attack their pain point.

Seeks to arouse their attention and keep reading. As you can see, it is about making him feel identified and that what you offer attracts him.

One trick to creating this text is for it to answer a question: what's in here for me and why should I be interested in clicking?

Try it, you will see how it works


In the description of the title, you can put additional ideas or details that are also important but that you have not been able to put in the previous elements.

Emphasize why you are seeking interaction. Be creative with your copy so you don't repeat words.


In this type of ads, Facebook allows you to choose between these types of call to action:

  • No button
  • Receive budget
  • More information
  • Send Message
  • Buy
  • Send WhatsApp message
The final call to action is important to use as well and choose the option that best suits your specific ad. Make it easy for your client to carry out the action you want them to do.

Find him to do what you want, propose it.

The "more information" button has a higher conversion rate than the subscription, filling in a form or directly buying.

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