The Story Of Ali Sadpara

The story of Ali Sadpara: This was the day on February 26, 2016, when Muhammad Ali Sadpara's name became famous all over the world and a world record was named after him.

Nanga Parbat, also known as Killer Mountain, is home to some of the world's most snow-capped mountain graves in this cold cemetery, but the Pakistani flag was hoisted. And record-breaking Ali Sadpara Bhai had no patronage.

The story of Ali Sadpara

He could not afford to buy clothes worth millions of rupees, electric heating shoes, and a tent because he was just a porter who used to carry the equipment of the world climbers or his guide. They were handed over to him at base camp and he fulfilled his hobby by wearing obsolete clothes.

Nanga Parbat had been conquered and Ali Sadpara was invited to Islamabad and given some glass honors but Ali Bhai had told me that he was invited to Islamabad to meet the then Prime Minister but with the Prime Minister. There was no time for him to meet a mountaineer from a backward village, so a few officers took action and sent him back.

Mountaineers from around the world were arriving in Skardu and congratulations continued when Alpine Club of Pakistan officials asked them in advance for a foreign interview that when asked about financial support and vocational training. In response, the name of the Alpine Club of Pakistan should be mentioned.

Ali Sadpara refused and said that you people do not provide even a rope, then why should I lie? The group fees for climbing the peaks were also paid by his foreign colleagues because he had no idea where the eight thousand dollars would come from. Had arrived home.

Fauzia and Hijab went to his wife and daughter-in-law, where a spokeswoman was called from the house next door to understand Urdu, as only Shina and Balti language was spoken in Ali Bhai's house. Three hours passed at his house in such a way that he did not even feel like a stranger. Miss Stella's death was under discussion in the snow.

Ali Bhai complained that government agencies related to mountaineering sit in Islamabad and deal with all matters and most of them do not even know the alphabet of the mountains. Multinational companies also spend where they get immediate benefits. That he had forgotten us. His comments on my social media posts must have come. When he was going to France, I got a call from him that if you can come to Islamabad, we will meet.

The story of Ali Sadpara

Ceremonies were held in his honor at the embassies of Nepal and Canada. He climbed the mountain from Porter and then hoisted the flag on the world's highest peaks. His journey continued despite the lack of resources. A Memory, a British mountaineer who climbed Nanga Parbat, was buried in the snow after his victory in 1895 and has not been found to this day.

In 1934, climber Willy Merkel and eight of her companions found ice graves. In 1937, Dr. Carlo Wayne and his companions were sobbing in their tent that an avalanche fell and they all disappeared.

In 1938, Paul Bayer and his team reached Nanga Parbat and began to climb the summit. Suddenly, the bodies of Merkel and her porter, buried in the snow four years ago, were found in perfect condition. Seeing the bodies, Paul Bayer became frightened and left the expedition. The world-famous mountaineer Miss's brother Gunther was also buried in the same snow.

Ali Sadpara was the first Pakistani mountaineer to climb eight of the world's 8,000-meter high peaks. He had also climbed five of Pakistan's highest peaks, including the 8,611-meter K2. But this time the weather was not in favor of Ali Sadpara, otherwise what was the status of the already open K2 peak after climbing the killer mountain Nanga Parbat. Ali Bhai, our sister-in-law and your children peek out of the window of the same drawing-room in your village on the side of Lake Sadpara, the frames on the walls of which tell your story.

Your wife's sobs are drowned out by the sound of helicopters every evening. Your son can't meet his mother's eyes at night and leaves again the next morning with new hope. Ali Bhai, today the whole nation prays for you.

The shadows of despair are growing deeper on the canopy of hope. We can't believe how the icy existence of your city can be your killer after conquering the glaciers of Nepal, France, and Canada. You yourself used to say. If K2 is a very easy track, then how can it be delayed? Why are the prayers of the whole nation ineffective? 

A legend is no more but will be remembered always whenever the word K2 and mountaineering be pronounced.

By: Qaisar Abbas Sabir(Jhang)


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