Women Violence And Honor Killings

Honor killings, inequality, poverty, and forced marriages imposed against women. According to the United Nations, there has been an increase in the number of incidents around the world during the global Corona epidemic, including an increase in the number of environmental events in the air. Increased by 40%, women faced difficulties, including not being nominated by the United Nations, killings, kidnappings, beatings and abuses, large marriages, not only physical but also mental torture.

In any case about domestic tourism, the dignity of women cannot be further enhanced, even after these naturally strange questions, these women remain silent which are in the clutches of women. Are victims

In Punjab alone, more than 10,000 households are identified every year.

According to statistics, 4% of women report violence against them and even less resort to legal action. This is an indication of the extent to which women are subjected to violence. Similarly, women in the working class also face problems such as sexual or psychological harassment, rape, low wages, and harassment. These include compensation for work, barriers to movement, restrictions on choosing a profession, lack of employment opportunities, unwarranted criticism, kidnappings, and barriers to access to justice.

The International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women is celebrated on November 25 every year. Violence against women is a global problem. According to former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, violence against women in every society and culture in the world affects women of all ages, colors, races, and classes.

Amnesty International says violence against women and girls is one of the biggest human rights issues today. Figures published by a Dutch organization show that in South America In one country, about one in four women suffer from some form of domestic violence. Every other woman in Pakistan has experienced domestic violence at some point in her life.

According to a report of the International Forum, the incidence of violence against women has multiplied. Pakistan ranks fourth in the world in the incidence of violence against women. Our religion has given dignity, respect, and honor to women In the past, women were subjected to the worst atrocities. As soon as a girl was born, she was buried alive. And practical steps should be taken to protect women from atrocities.

Women Violence And Honor Killings
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According to a report by an international organization, one out of every six women around the world is a victim of male violence. Gaya, the police, and the government also took action, but remember that in the days when the incident was being reported in the media, there were several reports of abuse of girls and women in other parts of the country. The reason is that the perpetrators of the abuse of girls and women are not really punished. A few years ago, when the Zainab case came to the media, a series of demonstrations continued across Pakistan for the arrest of the accused. Taken and Punishment was also meted out, but in the meantime, Tadam Tahrir has not been able to stop such incidents, the main reason for which is the loose grip of the law on the accused and the escape from punishment, which is why civil society and human rights organizations are now demanding it. Appropriate training should be provided for the police and judiciary to deal with cases of sexual violence in an international manner and to ensure the safety of women during the investigation and hearing of cases.

History bears witness to the fact that before the advent of Islam, all evils lived in human beings, and its most prominent and shameful thing was that woman had no place in society, she was considered only a mercenary slave and a place to meet the psyche. He had no status in society, even though his birth was considered defective and he was buried alive.

But at the end of time, the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) flourished in the world and he was given prophethood at the age of forty, so he first paid special attention to the reformation of women He gave her a high position in the society by setting an example. She was blessed with speeches like Aumat-ul-Momineen, Sahabiyat, especially by giving the status of mother to a woman that heaven is under her feet. At the same time, he clearly mentioned women and gave them equal rights with men.

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