Where To Stay In Khaplu Valley

Serena Khaplu Palace is an ideal place to stay, even if it is worth a little bit.

Story/ Review Of A Tourist 

I would give them a 5-star rating in every aspect from welcome to room cleanliness and comfort, extremely warm And the support staff and atmosphere is amazing, you can sit back and relax in a very quiet local tip and they have guides to take you on hikes and so on. I would say that a person who immediately made me feel safe and comfortable at Skardu Airport when I could not access my private guide. Abbas Bhai was the driver of Sareen Shuttle Service due to landslide ... People like him experience or break and he was very helpful and on the way to Khappallo gave me the history and social background of this area and he was very helpful. Was Be very happy and will definitely be with them again!

Where To Stay In Khaplu Valley
Photo By: Muntazir

In a region rich in cultural heritage, Serena Chaplo Palace is certainly the best living example of the royal residence in Baltistan. It is located in Concordia on the legendary route to the junction of three of the world's largest glaciers. In terms of architectural heritage and cultural expression, it reportedly has more treasures than Sugar Fort, possibly due to its proximity to both Ladakh in Kashmir and Leh in Srinagar. Serena Khaplu Mahal is a unique heritage boutique hotel that offers guests a chance. Experience the restored original architecture of the 19th century Raja Palace while enjoying the modern amenities and services of a luxury hotel.

Imagine staying in a mountain fortress, wandering around where kings have met for centuries. The hotel has rooms in the old castle and a luxurious new extension. Dining is great with both local billiards and international fare. The staff is well versed in history and style and is happy to show you around as part of a normal routine.

Where To Stay In Khaplu Valley

We spent one night in August after trekking and it felt like we were in heaven. The property is historically and beautifully decorated. Our room opens into the garden with a great view. The garden was really beautiful and full of fruit apricots. We were well received and received a dry white syrup and nuts as well as a small plate of water and tea. The staff and manager were hospitable. Access to the palace was such a bonus. It was special to sit on the upper balcony late at night. Exciting light The next morning we took a guided tour. The room itself was really, really clean and comfortable, especially after 2 weeks in tents and basic accommodation. Really nice clothes, towels, and warm water. There are a great shower and lotion and soap and room.

Guide-Map To Khaplu Serena Fort For Tourists

  • Hiring a car/vehicle from college road Skardu
  • 4-4.5 hours of drive 
  • Will reach the destination i.e Serena Khaplu.

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