Places To Visit In Skardu (Skd)

Skardu is a heavenly beautiful landscape of nature. Pakistan is rich in natural beauty from the famous Karachi sea viewpoint to the mighty K2 in Shigar. As it is famous for Pakistan that it has all of four seasons in regard to weather and it is possible because of its diversity in locations i.e Plain areas deserted areas and mountainous areas, and this provides this all.

Geography And A Brief History Of Skardu

Gilgit Baltistan is the fifth provincial set up of Pakistan and Skardu is the largest city of Gilgit-Baltistan in terms of area, It is located on the bank of the Indus River which runs in between the mightiest mountain ranges i.e the Karakoram and the Himalayas. Encircled and surrounded by the huge mountains of the Karakoram, this city is the home and center for all mountaineers as this city hosts the 2nd largest mountain K-2. Three mountain ranges meet in the Gilgit-Baltistan district—the Karakoram, the Himalayas, and the Hindu Kush—and is cherished by mountaineering lovers, high-height trekkers, and vacationers/tourists for the lofty perspectives and climbing trails. 

Gilgit-Baltistan is a piece of the challenged more noteworthy Kashmir area. Quickly following the segment of India and Pakistan in 1947, it turned out to be certain that the riches and assets of British India went to the new sovereign territory of India. India and Pakistan did battle over Kashmir, a contention made muddled by the mass movement of Hindus, Sikhs, and Muslims over the new outskirts that prompted viciousness and passing for a huge scope. In 1970, the domain of present-day Gilgit-Baltistan was cut away as the "Northern Areas", a different region directed by Pakistan. It fringes Azad Kashmir toward the south, an area of the Kashmir district additionally directed by Pakistan. 
The Gilgit-Baltistan locale is situated close to the Pakistani border with China, close to the region of Xinjiang and the Kashmir district regulated by India. Its focal valley, which shares likenesses in culture, way of life, and design with Tibet have been a piece of the Tibetan Empire that existed from the seventh to the ninth hundreds of years. Balti, an antiquated type of Tibetan, is as yet spoken in the Baltistan locale. The locale is likewise named "Little Tibet". 
Skardu, a city situated in the valley, is a famous base for explorers on a Pakistan visit. The city's air terminal is roosted in excess of 2,000 kilometers above the ocean level. It is encircled by ice sheets and the most staggering tops on the planet, for example, K2, the world's second-highest and noteworthy mountain after Mt Everest. 
Mountain trips to and from this city offer a perspective on the great Indus and the encompassing mountains, however, are profoundly subject to the climate. In the event that your flight gets dropped, you can likewise go by road. One can be reached here by transport from the capital of Pakistan, Islamabad, itself situated in the lower regions of the Himalayan mountain run. This drive through the Karakoram Highway uncovers extraordinary pinnacles/mountains, for example, the Nanga Parbat (26,660 feet [8,126 meters] high), one of the world's tallest mountains arranged in the western Himalayas. A visit administrator/guide may help in taking care of transportation to, from, and inside Gilgit-Baltistan. 

Organic  Village In Skardu 

Nansoq is the first-ever organic village in Pakistan. It is situated behind the notable Kharpocho post, this organic village was renovated by AKRSP and also this town has been visited by Prince Charles and Prince of Wales, and Duchess Of Cornwall.

Katpana Lake In winters,Skardu Baltistan

Let's now talk about the natural beauties which made Pakistan a real and true tourist attraction spot, tourism in Pakistan got its better scope mainly by Gilgit Baltistan for the last five years.
Gilgit Baltistan is too rich in natural beauty it has many beautiful places that needed to be visited by all travel lovers. Some notable places are:
  • Skardu
  • Gilgit
  • Ghizer
  • Hunza
  • Naltar Valley
  • Nagar
  • Khunjrab Top (Pak-China Border)
  • Chilas
sarfaranga,Gatewway To Shigar Valley (Baab-e-Shigar),Skardu Baltistan
(Gateway To Shigar Valley)

All these places are well deserved to visit But for me, Skd is the best of bests as it has vast links to hundreds of other tourist spots of the Baltistan region, So let's talk about this amazing place.


This amazing city is located in the very extreme north of Pakistan i.e it is the nearest city of Pakistan towards the Indian border. It is in between the two huge mountain ranges of the world i.e Karakorum And Himalaya.

Skardu Baltistan |A Dream Place To Visit|Glaciers Newz

What is Skardu famous for? Tourists Locations In Skardu city

Katpana cold desert,Skardu Baltistan

The main city is the center to reach all of these locations that is why this city has its vital role in tourism in the real sense.
Sketching a small overview of the places 


People can also have their joy moments in this particular place as well one can get opportunities to visit
Deosai Plains,Deosai plateau,Skardu Baltistan

Deosai Plains

Katpana lake,Skardu Baltistan

Katpana Lake


It takes about three to four hours to reach Khaplu center from Skd city and one can visit


Kharmang is another beautiful part of the Baltistan region, it takes about two and a half hours to reach Mehdiabad Kharmang from Skd. Famous tourist spots of the place are


Glaciers in Gilgit Baltistan,K2,Skardu Baltistan


Shigar is yet another famous face of tourism in the Skd region, being the home of the mighty K2 'The Second Largest Mountain of the world' Shigar has its own identity in the world.
the famous tourist spots are

Shigar valley ,Gilgit Baltistan,K2,Skardu Baltistan

So these are some amazing places to visit in Skardu, Baltistan.
Some frequently asked questions on Google

Is Skardu part of India?

A simple answer NO, Gilgit Baltistan is in Pakistan 

Is it safe to travel to Skardu?

Yes, Skardu is 100% safe for all kinds of travel activities. It can be reached both by air and by road from Islamabad/Rawalpindi. It has the lowest rate of crime compared to other parts of Pakistan.

How far is Skardu from Islamabad?

Distance: 294 Kilometers
By air: 45 minutes
By road: 18-24 hours

Can Indians go to Gilgit?

NO, no one with an Indian visa can visit Gilgit Baltistan, this matter is totally up to the state to state policy, or in other words, it totally depends on Pakistan-India relations. We have never ever seen any Indian with an Indian visa visiting Skardu.

How far is Skardu from Gilgit?

Distance: 139 Kilometers
Time: 06 hours 
But after the renovation/repair of the road by FWO hours can be reduced. 

At last, I must conclude that Gilgit Baltistan is making its true identity in the tourism industry of Pakistan and Skardu is home to hundreds of tourist destinations and we all should have hope that after getting rid of the coronavirus across the whole globe the tourism will again start.


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