Shangrila Resort Lake Skardu

Shangrila Lake Skardu

Shangrila resort lake is one of the highly rated and most visited lakes of Gilgit Baltistan. It is located in the lower Kachura Skardu. Shangrila resort got its fame because of the Shangrila resort lake and Shangrila resort's Chinese architecture.
Gilgit Baltistan is a beautiful region providing its tourists every opportunity and joy to have a high quality, joyful, and blissful time. Gilgit Baltistan's natural landscapes are adorable and are now a source of good income for the local people.
Shangrila Resort Lake, when viewed from the sky (aerial view), gives us the shape of a heart. This lake is a renovated place i.e a pound is reformed into this amazing and wonderful lake. A retired army person Mr. Aslam is the man who got the idea of reforming this place to an amazing and unique place and his vision of creating /renovating a pasture land to a tourist place was totally outstanding because nowadays Shangrila Resort lake and resort in Skardu, Gilgit Baltistan is million dollars worth property and also a highly rated and expensive resort of the world. 

Things To Do In Shangrila Resort/Lake And Resort

  • Hotel
  • Restaurant
  • Boating
  • Photography
  • Filming
  • Food 
  • Best Place for honeymoon
Shangrila Lake Skardu
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Shangrila Resort Airplane Cafe

In the late 90's a flight taking passengers from Islamabad to Skardu had a bad crash landing, which badly damaged the plain but fortunately, there were no casualties, Mr. Aslam (owner of Shangrila resort lake and resort) also used his brilliant mind and bought that damaged body of the airplane, repaired and then placed in the resort and now it is really a huge attractive factor of Shangrila resort lake and resort.
It is said that the lake is more than 40 feet deep, for which the management team of the Shangrila resort lake always be alert to provide their visitors with a safe boating environment.
Kachura itself is a beautiful village, surrounded all around by mountains, filled with natural beauty and lush green agricultural fields. There are hundreds of hotels for tourists which is a good sign because Kachura village is far from the Skardu city and in such a scenario, hotels provide ease to visitors so that they can enjoy few days in Kachura village, especially in Shangrila lake/resort.

Places To Visit In Kachura Village

  • Shangrila lake and resort
  • Upper Kachura
  • Upper Kachura Lake 
  • Soq Village
  • Soq Village Broq (Pasture lands) which need hours of hiking to reach. 
                       Shangrila Lake Skardu

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