2S In Football

 2S In Football

Football, for many of the people, is the king game in this world. There is no talk that another game can be comparable to football. Football has the world's most-watched and followed leagues i.e.

  • La Liga (Spanish League)
  • English Premier League (English League)
  • League 1 (French League)
  • Serie A (Italian League)
  • MLS (American Soccer League)
  • And above all these, king league is 
  • UEFA Champions League
2S In Football

Football is not about running for a ball in a soccer field as considered by many of us, as for as I am reckoned  the success for a football circulates around two terms which I call as 2S i.e

  1. Stamina
  2. Skills


In every physical game, the thing which matters a thousand is "stamina" so is in football. Football is a game of true physical movements and without good stamina, one can not be considered as a better football. And as per my analysis 2S i.e stamina and skills, both should be better and balanced to become a good football/soccer player.


The second important key factor which matters a lot in football is the "skill" factor. Skills in football includes

  • Passing skills
  • Dribbling Skills
  • Vision
  • Defending Skills
  • Player to player combinations
  • Players' mutual understandings.
  • And many other as well

The whole talk is not about specifically for everyone as we know that huge and big clubs have the best training facilities and the environment in which they are given training for each area of football. But all those who lack such facilities i.e small clubs, they can train themselves in their limited resources and scope.

How One Can Develop Good Football Skills? 

Here are some advice for those who play in small scope lines.

  • Do not shuffle positions i.e determine your strongest area/position and always prefer to play in that position e.g if you are good at defending, then always play in defending positions.
  • Cooperate with your trainers and them analyze you and follow his instructions.
  • Teamwork i.e play with the rest of 10 players, make combinations instead of playing with yourself in order to possess the ball always to you because that is a selfish behavior in football and will not give any good result most of the time.
  • Focus on passing the ball to your teammates, as accurate passing is way better than dribbling the ball for a while.

At last, concluding the importance of 2S (Stamina and Skills), I must say that one should have these two key factors balanced and parallel. Because one with good skills and low stamina is not of any good use and similarly that one with huge stamina but lacking basic skills is also good for nothing. Footballers, from streets to arena, must work hard to get excellent stamina and skills, Players like Messi and Ronaldo ruled the football world and everyone have seen that how well they play 90+ minutes of the game showing their amazing, excellent skills. At last, point to note here is, 2S (Stamina and Skills) are much-needed weaponry skills of football.

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