Love And Life?

Love And Life...
There are many theories and speculations about the life and the existence of this world. Science has its own views, theories, and laws about the world and life while the religious points of view contradict many of the scientific researches and theories.
Science has its own views that the world came into existence by the big bang theory and similarly, the human beings are the development of microorganisms. At the same time for the same topic, religious points of view are different.

Love And Life


For me, life is just a mixed drama of emotions i.e sometimes 
  • Happy
  • Sad
  • Excited
  • Depressed 
  • Joyed
  • Frustrated
From our birth till our death we face a ton of situations where we encounter such emotions e.g achievements and success gives us a very blissful and joyful moment meanwhile some incidents drive us towards sadness, frustrations and eventually to madness. So life is all about management as the management skills and qualities determine our life. Because wherever the management is better the life will be better so it's all about we, as an individual, who determines the major part of our life rest of the some part is our luck, which also matters a lot.


Love is the best part and the best moment of our life, a society with an environment of love nourishes more as compared to a one with hatred all around. Love doesn't only mean that a boy fell in feelings with a girl as in this recent world people have just made this word specifically for the feelings a boy and a girl has for each other. In short, love is not only for romantic diaries but in fact love is a sacred feeling and one can have deep love feelings for
  • His parents
  • His brothers 
  • His sisters
  • His wife
  • His children
  • His relatives
  • His family
  • His friends etc
Love And Life

It is a universal fact that the love of parents for their children is eternal and there is no other comparison to this love. Parents are those, who always sacrifice their comfort to comfort their children, they sacrifice their facilities to facilitate their children and more importantly, they will be in deep pain whenever their children are in pain or in trouble. That is why every religion and every society emphasizes the importance of parents.
So this was a general discussion to draw a conclusion that the word "love " is not only specific for loving a girl or a boy, dating for some days, eventually leading to marriage and in some cases breakups and divorces but instead, the meaning of LOVE is too vast because it has no boundaries, love is applicable from the individual level to family, family to society, society to the nation, and from nation to the whole world. At last, we all should remember that this world is temporary and no one will live in this world forever, that's why
  • Love yourself
  • Love each other 
  • Spread love 
  • Stop hating each other.

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