Nisar Hussain Sadpara,A Gem Lost In the Heights,Youngest Mountaineer Of His Time

Nisar Hussain Sadpara (Late)

There is no doubt that Sadpara village is rich in mountaineering talent, whenever it comes to the debate about mountaineering in Pakistan and most specifically in Gilgit Baltistan then we will know that Sadpara village is the only one that produced hundreds of successful mountaineers and high porters. The most famous mountaineers of this village are

  • Hassan Sadpara(Late)
  • Nisar Hussain Sadpara (Late)
  • Muhammad Ali Sadpara
  • Ali Raza Sadpara(Senior most, and it is said; Ali Raza Sadpara is the main inspiration, mentor, and role model of all the mountaineers of Sadpara village, that is why he is given the title of "master of all")
  • Nazir Sadpara
  • Imtiaz Ali Sadpara
  • Dilawar Hussain Sadpara
  • Fida Ali Sadpara
  • Sajid Ali Sadpara
  • Shabbir Hussain Sadpara (Late)
  • Akbar Hussain Sadpara (Elder Brother of late Shabbir Hussain Sadpara )
  • Sadiq Sadpara (younger brother of late Hassan Sadpara)
  • Kazim Sadpara (Younger brother of late Nisar Hussain Sadpara)
  • Ashraf Sadpara (son of Ali Raza Sadpara)
  • And many more 

Nisar Hussain Sadpara

Let's today highlight some information about Late Nisar Hussain Sadpara.

Nisar Hussain Sadpara|A Gem Lost In the Heights,Youngest Mountaineer Of His Time
Nisar Hussain Sadpara on left, Kazim Sadpara on right(younger brother of late Nisar Sadpara )

  • Name: Nisar Hussain Sadpara
  • Born:1980
  • Father's Name: Ali Sher
  • Siblings: 08 (05 Brothers,03 sisters)
  • Children: 02( 01 son "Rashid" ,02 daughters )
  • Village:Melpan, Sadpara
  • Languages: Shina, Balti, Urdu, English
  • Died:2012

Nisar Hussain Sadpara (Pride of Pakistan, the pride of Gilgit Baltistan), was a very prominent name in mountaineering and he had achieved too many successes during his career, he was among those younger mountaineers who have got the peaks of success in their lives. He started his career as a low porter so that he could take care of his family and earn some livelihood, later on by his performances and skills he had got chances of being a high porter, and from here his mountaineering career started and he showed his best while ascending in high altitudes, also he impressed his sponsoring companies and his foreign expedition delegates by his mountaineering skills. And gradually he became the very first Pakistani mountaineer to scale five 8000 meters peaks, later on, after his sudden and sad death Hassan Sadpara broke this record and scaled six 8000 meters mountains.
It is said that all the expedition companies and foreign mountaineers used to prefer having Nisar Hussain Sadpara in their expeditions.But unfortunately in a winter expedition of Gasherbrum 1 (G1) he lost his life, the date was March 9th,2012 when it was confirmed that Nisar Hussain Sadpara along with his companions went missing while attempting the summit to Gasherbrum 1 (G1), His team consists of

  • Gerfried Goschl (Austria)
  • Cedric Hahlen (Switzerland)

Mountaineering Career:

  • K2:2004
  • Nanga Parbat: 2005
  • Gasherbrum 1: 2006
  • Gasherbrum 2:2006
  • Broad Peak:  1998

Nisar Hussain Sadpara scaled all of these mountains more than twice except K2 which is scaled only once by him.

We all must now pray that May Allah Almighty rest his soul in eternal, peace. Ameen

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