Hassan Sadpara ,A Legendry Mountaineer Of Pakistan|Mount Everest Conqueror

Hassan Asad Sadpara

Village: Sadpara,Skardu;Gilgit Baltistan
Date Of Birth: 3rd April 1964


  • Shopkeeper(Mountaineering Equipments)
  • High Porter 
  • Mountaineer
  • Tour Operator
  • Adventurer

Children : 04(Three sons ,01 Daughter)

Mountaineering Career

  • Nanga Parbat: (1999)
  • K2 : (2004)
  • Gasherbrum 1 | and Gasherbrum 2  :2006
  • Broad Peak :2007
  • Mount Everest :2011


  • President's Pride Of Performance Award :2008
  • Tribute sessions for him in Iran
  • Received Shields in Iran 

Hassan Sadpara ,A Legendry Mountaineer Of Pakistan|Glaciers News

If comes to talk about mountaineering legends in the region of Gilgit Baltistan then the name of Hassan Sadpara will be on the top along with other successful mountaineering heroes like Nazir Sabir and Nisar Sadpara.Nisar Sadpara was the first ever Pakistani mountaineer to scale five 8000 meters giant peaks but unfortunately he lost his life during a winter expedition in Nanga Parbat.
After him Hassan Sadpara became the 2nd Pakistan's mountaineer to scale five 8000 meters peaks .And later on he became the very 1st Pakistan's mountaineer to scale six 8000 meters peaks after his successful attempt of Mount Everest in 2011.
Hassan Sadpara was born in Sadpara village ,a village which is the nearest one from the Skardu city but the most far village in the sense of development and facilities .At the time of his childhood and boyhood there was neither a hospital nor a school ,where children could get education ,that was the only reason that all people of that time including Hassan Sadpara were deprived of even the basic education.Hassan Sadpara later on moved to Skardu city and started his mountaineering career ,initially from low porter ,then to high altitude porter and eventually to a successful mountaineer.He also owned a shop in Sadpara market ,Hussaini Chowk Skardu where he made available almost every necessary mountaineering equipment.So in Summer he used to have his mountaineering expeditions and after getting free from those he used to run his shop .
What Made Hassan Sadpara Successful?

  • His dedication
  • His loving nature 
  • His friendly nature
  • His simplicity 
Beside all the peaks of success he achieved he was still down to earth ,beside being a national hero he used to meet people normally ,used to talk them with good attitude or in short Hassan sadpara never showed arrogant behavior after achieving the bundles of success and that was the reason people use to love him and admire him .

Hassan Sadpara ,A Legendry Mountaineer Of Pakistan|Glaciers News

Hassan Sadpara's Vision

01: Establishing a mountaineering school was among his  top priorities ,because he used to believe that if the people and children were given proper knowledge and education of mountaineering then their can be a very positive progress in the field of mountaineering.His dream remained unaccomplished because of his sudden death.
02: Scaling and conquering all the 14 highest mountains of the world;Hassan Sadpara was too much determined and dedicated to scale all the tough 14 highest challenging mountains of the world ,and for which he wanted the government of Pakistan and other foreign mountaineering clubs to sponsor his expeditions,but unfortunately this dream also remained unaccomplished because of his sudden death.
Hassan Sadpara was the only mountaineer who did not used to carry oxygen gadgets while ascending the mountains ,it is well known said that Hassan Sadpara Scaled all the mountains without oxygen gadgets .
Hassan Sadpara was no doubt a real precious gift of Allah almighty who served and represented Pakistan ,It is no doubt a huge feeling to raise the national flag at the top of highest mountains and it is obviously an honor.

The pride of Sadpara ,the pride of Baltistan and the pride of Pakistan left us on 2016 ,when he was diagnosed as a blood cancer patient.The famous chowk of skardu "Parishan chowk" is now dedicated to Hassan Sadpara and given the name "Hassan Sadpara Chowk" followed by his amazing statue ,The statue which was made by an arts student to pay tribute to this precious hero .

At last "May Allah Almighty rest his soul in eternal peace"
Hassan Sadpara ,A Legendry Mountaineer Of Pakistan|Hassan Sadpara at mount everest base camp


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