Career Counseling,05 important guidelines to choose a career

Career Counseling,05 important guidelines to choose a career, All human beings of this world are sent with some purpose or goals, now it's up to we humans that how we choose or set our goals which will contribute towards a positive change in society.No one is sent with a defined goal in this world, our behavior, our skills, our education, and our society makes us or directs us to do something which will be fruitful for both the individual and the society where we live. Everyone contributes his/her share of efforts to bring a prosperous life and no one dies doing nothing because it is necessary and mandatory for us to do something to earn something for our livelihood, and we see in our society that different categories of people working different sort of tasks as a part of their contribution, for example, some are workers/labors who put their energy in infrastructure likewise some are engineers, some are doctors, some are social workers, etc. In short, we all need to work or choose a career to earn our living/livelihood.
So the word "career" means the way of earning and living, and it is a fact in this world that a successful career means a better lifestyle, which means choosing a career means choosing a lifestyle, that's why it is really needed to take all necessary and important steps while selecting a career. As
Better Career Means Success

What does success mean?

Success means achieving the best, and the best can be only achieved by well a defined set of a career, success in another context can also be defined as a better life consisting of a better job, a good business, better earning, etc. And all these are the results which can be gained from a well-chosen career. So the conclusion is, a career defines our life and we should choose our career with great care keeping in mind all the consequences and results.

Career Counseling,05 important guidelines to choose a career|Glaciers News And Jobs Updates

How Should We Choose A Career?

Consider these five important points while choosing a career that suits you and which can drive you to success

  • Proper Guidance
  • Your Abilities: To what you are able(Your Strength and weakness)
  • Your Interest
  • Check the scope of your career
  • Don't always follow the trends(Avoid being black sheep)

Proper Guidance

Guidance means directions, advice, and experiences that will help a person in deciding on a good career. And the most important thing to remember here is that always seek guidance from those who are well knowledgeable, experienced, successful, and sincere. Because in this way one can get a bunch of fruitful ideas which can be helpful to decide a career. If some are obvious in his goals and destinations then that is well and good but in many of the cases, people need guidance.

Your Abilities: To what you are able(Your Strength and weakness)

Before deciding anything a person should know himself, means one should know his/her abilities and capabilities and keeping in mind the abilities and capabilities a person should think that what should be better for his/her future; which means that one should not choose a career which is not well suited according to the abilities he/she have. Secondly, a person should be aware of his strengths and weaknesses because if a person determines his strengths and weaknesses then it will be easier for him to choose a career, and by determining these two qualities one can manage his behavior in many senses. So it can be said that one should keep his eye on his strengths and move forward.

Your Interest

Nothing big can be achieved without interest and hard work, so always remember to not forget about your interest area while choosing a career. One will always repent if he chooses a career without a soul interest because without interest a big and successful career can not be achieved.
"A work with no interest means a wrong career chosen, and choosing a wrong career is a mistake and one should avoid such mistake". 

Career Counseling,05 important guidelines to choose a career|Glaciers News And Jobs Updates

Check the scope of your career

One should always consider the scope and market value of a career that is being chosen by him. Scope means opportunities and one should not forget to select a career with multiple opportunities and market value. For example, if a person chooses a career with less scope then how can he make his successful identity in society and also there will be lesser chances of his positive contributions towards the progress of the nation and country.

Don't always follow the trends(Avoid being black sheep)

It's an alarming and hilarious behavior in most of the Pakistani parents that they always try to follow the trends while helping their child to choose a career. For example, if a boy in their neighborhood has just completed his MBBS studies and started a job after his house job practices then the parents give suggestions to their child to study medical sciences by presenting the boy in the neighborhood as a role model, irrespective of considering their own child's mindset, interest, abilities and strengths and I think this trend is not to follow because everyone has his/her own priorities. Similarly one should also not try to choose a career just because someone else is successful in that particular career. So instead of copying the trends,

  • One Should Recognize himself
  • One Should Go ahead with his interests 
  • One Should Set his own goals based on some proper guidance
  • One Should choose a career with a better scope and better life ahead


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