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Sir Agha Khan said:

"Mountains have more cultural diversity than any other physical setting.This is a great source of strength and an asset and should be supported as such"
His address speech in Global Mountain Summit ,Bishkek
31st October 2002

Hunza-Nagar,Skardu,Baltistan,Travel In 2020,Travel Gilgit Baltistan,make your own trip


Gilgit Baltistan province has a complete zone of 72,496 sq. km with around 2 million populace and lies at the extraordinary north of Pakistan. It is flanked by the China Republic on the north, India on the east, and Afghanistan and Central Asian states on the west. Gilgit Baltistan is the most astounding district because of its differing characteristic excellence. One-of-a-kind scenes, evergreen woods, cold deserts, snow-topped mountains, and extraordinary social legacy are the attractions. It is an acclaimed visitor place and has consistently been heaven for mountain dwellers, trekkers, and scene cherishing individuals. One can encounter a cool climate over yonder consistently. It is encircled by the most noteworthy top on the planet and is well known for trekking, climbing, boating, outdoors, and paragliding. 

Languages Of Gilgit Baltistan
  • Shina
  • Balti
  • Burushaski

Gilgit City

The capital of Gilgit-Baltistan is Gilgit city. It is arranged in a valley shaped by the juncture of the Indus stream, the Hunza waterway, and the Gilgit stream. Gilgit is a significant visitor goal in northern Pakistan and is a center point for mountaineering undertakings inside the Karakoram Range. It was a significant stop on the antiquated Silk Road and nowadays fills in as a significant intersection along the Karakoram expressway with street associations with China, Skardu, Chitral, and Islamabad. 

Gilgit has a crisp atmosphere. The climate in Gilgit is ruled by its topographical area, a valley in a rocky region, southwest of Karakoram Range. Due to this behavior mostly avalanches visit in the region. 

The best methods for movement in Gilgit-Baltistan are Jeeps. Gilgit city is one of the two significant center points for all mountaineering undertakings in Gilgit-Baltistan. Most visitors set out toward treks in the Karakoram or Himalaya Ranges leave from Gilgit 

There are numerous vacation spots close to Gilgit: Naltar valley with Naltar Peak, Hunza valley, Nagar valley, Fairy grassland in Raikot, Shigar town, Skardu valley, Haramosh, Ghizer valley, Bagrot valley, Phunder town,  Deosai park in Skardu, Astore Valley, Yasin valley, Danyore valley, and Naltar valley.


Hunza Nagar is a very beautiful place located in the Karakorum mountain range, and it has a pride sign to be the home of Rakaposhi which is 7788 meters high. Rakaposhi dominates the whole skyline of the Hunza Nagar along with Diran which is next to it. Other famous peaks are:

  • Dastaghil Sar
  • Golden Peak
  • Ulter Peak
  • Ladyfinger Peak(Bubulimuting)

Hunza-Nagar,Skardu,Baltistan,Travel In 2020,Travel Gilgit Baltistan,make your own trip

The terraced and vast agricultural fields that are watered by centuries-old irrigation water channels epitomize local efforts to address the myriad constraints posed by nature.
In short Hunza Nagar is a summary of a very beautiful landscape.
Hunza Nagar consists of

  • Nagar
  • Hunza center
  • Gojal
The Cultural Identity Of Gilgit Baltistan is its cap

Cultural Identity Of Gilgit Baltistan,Hunza-Nagar,Baltistan,Beauties Of The World

Altit Fort

Altit Fort is an antiquated post in the Hunza valley. It was home to the innate leaders of the Hunza state who took the title Mir. Altit Fort was the habitation of a previous sovereign around 1100 years of age. This Fort was worked in 6 unique stages taking advantage of the different various degrees of regular stone from the exceptionally high clifftop it is situated on. This Fort is encircled by the settlement of Altit Khun when a clamoring town for brokers and convoys going along the Silk Route. The notable town shapes a necessary piece of the central social enclave of Hunza.

Baltit Fort

Baltit Fort is another post/fort in the Hunza valley, and unquestionably worth visiting place in the valley. This Fort is 700 years of age, yet there have been revamped and modifications throughout the hundreds of years. In the sixteenth century, the Mir (King) wedded a princess from Baltistan who brought ace Balti specialists to redesign the structure as a feature of her share. The compositional style is an away from Tibetan impact in Baltistan at that point.


Nagar lies in the south of Hunza and is separated by the Hunza river, One can reach there after an hour's drive from Hunza. It is famous because of

  • Rakaposhi 7788m
  • Hopar Glaciers
  • Hisper Glaciers

Together with Biafo Glacier, the Hisper forms an ancient route towards Baltistan from Nagar and Hunza.

Hunza-Nagar,Skardu,Baltistan,Travel In 2020,Travel Gilgit Baltistan,make your own trip


Hunza Center is the home of a very historic fort called Baltit Fort, about more than 700 hundred years old. Hunza Nagar is nowadays famous as Karimabad. Besides being the home of this historic palace and other majestic mountains, it is also a home of some sacred rocks, located close to Ganish, and provides us a recap of pre-Islamic traditions of HUNZA NAGAR.

Hunza-Nagar,Skardu,Baltistan,Travel In 2020,Travel Gilgit Baltistan,make your own trip
A Mosque in Hunza


The upper Hunza is called as Gojal valley, one can find
High altitude pastures
Trekking sites

This valley is located in KKH which leads us to the Pak-China border and to Khunjarab National Park, which was created in 1975.

Hunza-Nagar,Skardu,Baltistan,Travel In 2020,Travel Gilgit Baltistan,make your own trip
Concordia, Glacier


Baltistan is yet another beautiful place of Gilgit Baltistan, and it is considered to be one of the most glaciated areas of the world as it has a wide range of glaciers.
Its heritage also consists of forts, palaces, and historic religious buildings, etc
Famous places in Baltistan

Hunza-Nagar,Skardu,Baltistan,Travel In 2020,Travel Gilgit Baltistan,make your own trip
Deosai plain Flora


Skardu is one of the unique landscapes of the world as it offers mountains, sand, deserts and rocks, etc or in short, every natural beauty can be well observed here. What we can see and enjoy in Skardu

Hunza-Nagar,Skardu,Baltistan,Travel In 2020,Travel Gilgit Baltistan,make your own trip,deosai plains,
Deosai Camping Site


Shigar,ancient places in shigar,shigar fort,Hunza-Nagar,Skardu,Baltistan,Travel In 2020,Travel Gilgit Baltistan,make your own trip,deosai plains
Ancient Building In Shigar

Shigar is famous for

  • K2
  • K2 Base Camp Trek
  • Concordia
  • Glaciers
  • Old Heritage
  • Historic buildings
  • Famous trekking sites
  • Askole
  • Hisper-Biafo trek

Shigar,ancient places in shigar,shigar fort,Hunza-Nagar,Skardu,Baltistan,Travel In 2020,Travel Gilgit Baltistan,make your own trip,deosai plains


khaplu,Shigar,ancient places in shigar,shigar fort,Hunza-Nagar,Skardu,Baltistan,Travel In 2020,Travel Gilgit Baltistan,make your own trip,deosai plains

We can say the capital of Ghanche district of Baltistan

  • It is above the Shyok river
  • It has forts and palaces
  • It has historic buildings
  • Other tourists spots are
  • Thalley  valley
  • Hushe valley
  • Saltoro valley
  • Chorbat valley

Khaplu fort,Ghangche

Culture Of Gilgit Baltistan

Culture and conventions in Gilgit Baltistan 

The social legacy of Gilgit Baltistan is rich, lovely and one of a kind and it displays neighborhood conventions, music, and nearby dress. The dress assumes a focal job in the character of an individual. The conventional apparel of the area is impacted by neighborhood culture, geology, and climate. The customary top of Gilgit Baltistan has assumed a significant job to characterize the personality of individuals of Gilgit Baltistan. The top has various names in the significant nearby dialects. In Shina and Khowar dialects, the top is called Khoi, in Burushaski, it is called Phartsun or Pharsen and in Wakhi it is called Sekeed. The plan of the top is somewhat extraordinary in Baltistan and it is called Nating in Balti. 

The customary top is a delicate round woolen cap. It is made by a neighborhood craftsman and is accessible in different hues. Whitecaps are generally well known in the district and considered a major aspect of proper neighborhood dress. In numerous zones individuals particularly, the more established age despite everything wears their customary top constantly proudly. They think of it as an indication of respect. 

In numerous pieces of Gilgit Baltistan, a little new blossom is stuck in front and side of the top. The blossom is an image of newness, aroma, and job. At the point when the spring season begins once in a while, the ranchers and shepherds stuck a pine tree leave to represent life. One of the traditions of numerous locales in Gilgit Baltistan is to stuck cash into the top while somebody is moving. This represents the affection and regard of the artist from his companion's family members and fans. The artist gives this cash to the performers once the move is done. 

An assortment of social celebrations held in Gilgit Baltistan during the time presents a selective side of its social decent variety and various types of articulation. These celebrations speak too much significant repeating cheerfulness, social occasions, and strict celebration brings esteem increases to the environmental factors. The society music instruments normally utilized in Gilgit Baltistan are Dadang (drum) Damal (percussion) Duff (a circle confined drum) Suranaye (a sort of woodwind) Ghajak (spiked fiddle) Sitar, Rubab, and Gabi (woodwind). 

A large portion of the individuals in Gilgit Baltistan like to live in a joint family, which involves any place between a gathering of at least two, significantly more than 20 individuals in some cases. The telling situation in a family is held by the oldest gaining male part. He counsels other grown-up individuals on significant issues, however, it is his choice that at last wins. Be that as it may, a ton of significance is likewise offered to the guidance of the oldest individuals from the family. 

It is the obligation of a lady to deal with her home. All things considered, from her very adolescence, a young lady youngster is shown cooking, cleaning, and dishwashing by her mom and different women in her family. The customary orchestrated marriage has for some time been an indispensable piece of the Gilgit Baltistan culture as against affection marriage. It is the idea wherein the guardians and relatives look for the planned lady of the hour or lucky man, through their colleagues or family members. 


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