05 Hurdles In Decision Making

05 Hurdles In Decision Making, Decision-making is a major and important part of our life. And until and unless we do not think properly while deciding on something we do not achieve better and best in our lives. And it is a fact that from choosing a school for children to till their marriage there is a need of proper decision-making skills, so there should be plans and proper knowledge while choosing anything which fits and suits better for us.
Decision making is all about creating alternatives for example you go to a shopping mall for buying a shirt, so you do not choose the very first item you see, instead, you look for alternatives keeping an eye on all the necessities i.e

  • Your budget
  • Your choice
  • Color
  • Fittings etc 
05 Hurdles In Decision Making

The point to describe here is that decision-making is needed by us in every single stage of our lives i.e from our childhood to old age. Let's take another example or create another scenario; let's say you have to choose a career for yourself, so how to decide a career?
I think we have to consider these two points  while deciding on a career

  • Interest
  • abilities

And one more important thing to be truly considered is that; one should not let others decide his fate, YES ! we should get guidance and directions but still, we have to decide by ourselves. There are many hurdles in making a decision and the five hurdles that come to my mind and which can interrupt us while making a decision are;

  • Lack Of knowledge
  • Mixed Opinions
  • Lack of guidance
  • Lack of targets /goals
  • Involving many people

Lack Of Knowledge

In every regard where a better, flexible and reliable decision to make, it is most important matters that on what bunch of knowing someone is putting efforts to make a decision. So some basic and advanced knowledge-based background is needed for making a decision. For example, let's say someone is trying to get a decision for his career then these are some points where their knowledge is mattered;

  • What is the career someone chooses
  • His/her abilities regarding that goal
  • What is the scope of that career
  • And most important of all, What is the extend of someone's interests in that career.

In this way, such collective information-based small research is important for making a correct decision.

Mixed Opinions

It is also a fact that in every step and every field of our lives we face troubles because of alternatives while deciding on something. So it is also mandatory that someone should be ;

  • Clear in his/her goals.
  • Clear and focused for a one targeted goal.
  • Should not have mixed thoughts and opinions while choosing.

And also one should be Well consistent on his own thoughts, opinions, and goals instead of relying on other's opinion, it is not like that we should not take other people's opinion, take their opinion but be focused on your target. Because in some cases other people can mislead and misguide you from your targeted goals.

Lack Of Guidance 

Experts and experience is a major key towards success and choosing a better decision, and in many cases and scenarios people take wrong decisions just because they do not consult people who are expert and have experience in some particular fields, so guidance is needed in every aspect of our lives and so as in making a decision.

Lack Of Proper Targets

A well suited and better decision can only be made when you are too much obvious about your directions, which means one should know that ;

  • What is his/her status. 
  • Which directions/goals suit his/her personality.
  • What he/she needs to do?
  • What is achievable and what is not?

In short, one should know all the inputs and outputs, and all circumstances and outcomes about the decisions he/she is going to make.

Involving many people

As it is said
"Too many hands spoil the broth"
05 Hurdles In Decision Making

Now I think it is very much clear and obvious that involving many people does not favor a good result, it only drags us towards a hustle and bustle kind of mixed thoughts. So keep all unnecessary people away and only consult experts and experienced people either from inside your family or outside because the only thing which matters is, a good decision, which only comes from experience.


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