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Katpana Lake Skardu,Cold Desert

Katpana Lake Skardu,Cold Desert ,

Katpana lake is a growing tourist spot in Skardu city. The famous desert in the surroundings is Katpana desert, which is also known as Katpana cold desert in Skardu Baltistan. Katpana desert consists of large sand dunes which increase its beauty more than many times. If there comes the talk of its origin then it is stretched vastly towards Ladakh India.

Katpana Lake Skardu,Cold Desert ,

The Cold Desert, also  called famously "the Katpana Desert or Biama Toq", is a desert situated in Skardu, Northern parts of Pakistan "Gilgit-Baltistan".The Katpana desert contains regions of huge sand rises(Dunes) that are now and then canvassed in snow during winter. Located at a height of 2,226 meters (7,303 feet) above ocean level, the Katpana Desert is perhaps the most elevated desert on the planet. The desert in fact extends from the Khaplu Valley to Nubra in Ladakh, yet the biggest desert territory is found in Skardu and Shigar Valley. The bit most visited is situated close to Skardu Airport.

Near By Localities

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  • AirPort
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  • Katpana Valley
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  • Astana etc  
As Katpana desert is owned by local people, so there are becoming residential colonies which will obviously become a big reason to finish its existence .

Katpana Lake Skardu,Cold Desert ,

Katpana lake is the main attraction part of the place because of its beauty a huge number of local and foreigners visit this place and get refreshed and capture their memories.

Video Presenting The Beauty Of Katpana Lake And Katpana Cold Desert

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