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Pakistan itself is a beautiful place to visit but just imagine if a foreigner visits Pakistan and misses or forgets to come to the northern region of Pakistan then trust me the visit to Pakistan is incomplete. The northern parts of Pakistan i.e  Gilgit Baltistan: “The Mother Of Mighty Mountains like K2, historical places and pure nature”

K2 ,Shigar ,Skardu,trekking,And an Interesting Fact about K2,

Each year a lot of tourists come to Pakistan especially to visit Gilgit Baltistan. This beautiful place provides you:
  •  Sites for hiking
  •  Sites for trekking
  •  Climbing and summit (K2, Nanga Parbat, and many other 8000m peaks)
  •  Historical places
  •  Picnic points etc
K2 ,Shigar ,Skardu,trekking,And an Interesting Fact about K2,
Glaciers on the way to K2

Every year when the tourism season starts mountains call visitors, and in this way, a dream journey starts. After landing in new Islamabad airport, the visitors have two options to travel towards the north:
  •     By air  (To Gilgit; or to Skardu)
  •      By road  (The great KKH)
By air, the journey is too short but my recommendation for the visitors is to travel by road, because traveling via KKH (one of the wonders in the world) itself is an adventure as traveling from Rawalpindi /Islamabad to Gilgit Baltistan the visitors will automatically feel the difference in the culture, ethics, and climate as they gradually travel towards the north. Just like a human grew up, the mountains also grow up slowly as we gradually cross the borders of KPK and Punjab and enters the premises of Gilgit Baltistan and a time comes when the visitors reach Chilas, Gilgit, and Baltistan where they see a great range of mighty mountains and many eye-catching scenes.
Two of the famous and attention-catching expeditions are the trek and summit of the mighty K2 and the killer mountain Nanga Parbat.

K2 ,Shigar ,Skardu,trekking,And an Interesting Fact about K2,


Stages of adventure to reach and summit K2 are;
  • Route to the K2
  • Trekking
  • Base camp
  • Summit
        A task was given to Rehmatullah Baig by an Italian NGO in July 2014, a team consisting of 35 members of which six members were Pakistani completed the task to measure the height of the  K-2. It was found by their six reports that the height is gone down by 2 meters, that is now the height is 8609. They used 5300-meter length ropes to complete the task. It was first measured by an Italian mountaineer Lino Licodi in 1954

K2 ,Shigar ,Skardu,trekking,And an Interesting Fact about K2,
A photo on the way to K2


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