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Glaciers In Gilgit Baltistan, Gilgit Baltistan is the home of huge and majestic mountains as all the huge mountain ranges that are Karakorum, Himalaya and Hindukush mountain ranges are located in This region these ranges come from Nepal, India KPK, and Afghanistan and all these ranges run parallel and adjacent to each other and widely spread to the boundaries of China. All these mountain ranges join together in Gilgit Baltistan and that place is known as a junction point.
Gilgit Baltistan is rich in mountains, beautiful places, and glaciers, etc. Let's now talk about the glaciers in Gilgit Baltistan. Gilgit Baltistan got its fame in tourism because of the existence of the 2nd majestic mountain of the world "The K2", thousands of bunches of tourists and mountaineers used to visit this region to explore K2 and when people became familiar with the places of GB than they also explored many other tourists spots and places.
And if talk about trekking towards K2 then we come to know that a person has to walk and trek through a vast range of glaciers to reach the K2 base camp.

Glaciers In Gilgit Baltistan,K2,Shigar

The Famous Glaciers (Ice Highway) of the region are:

  • Baltoro Glacier
  • Batura Glacier
  • Godwin Austen Glacier
  • Hispar Glacier
  • Passu Glacier
  • Rupal Glacier
  • Trango Glacier
  • Chogo Longma Glacier
  • Biafo Glacier
  • Ghandogoro Glacier
  • And many more small glaciers

Glaciers In Gilgit Baltistan,K2,Shigar

Baltoro Glacier:

  • It is  one of the longest glaciers in the world 
  • Distance (Length) :63km 
  • Location: the Karakoram range Shigar

Batura Glacier:

  • Batura Glacier is again one of the longest glaciers in the world
  • Distance (Length):57km
  • Location:Gojal ,Gilgit Baltistan

Biafo Glacier:

Distance:67 km
Biafo Glacier is the third longest glacier in the world and is located in Karakorum mountain ranges after Siachen glacier which is the world's second-longest glacier of the world.

Hisper Glacier:

  • Location: Shigar, Karakoram mountain ranges.
  • Distance 49km.

Passu Glacier:

It is a glacier located in Passu, a small village in Gilgit Baltistan. It is linked with the Batura glacier and many other glaciers of Gilgit Baltistan.

Godwin Austen Glacier:

  • The glacier very near to the  K2 is the Godwin Austen Glacier. 
  • It along with the Baltoro Glacier is called Concordia 

Glaciers In Gilgit Baltistan,K2,Shigar


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